I need algebra 2 help asap!?

1. sqrt/8x+1 = 5

2. sqrt/x-7 + 5 = 11

3. -4sqrt/x+9 = 20

4. sqrt/6x+5 = sqrt/53

5. sqrt/x+2 + 4 = x

Part Two: Explain, in complete sentences and in your own words, the answers to the following questions relating to complex numbers.

What are the characteristics of a radical equation? (1 point)

How is solving radical equations similar to solving linear equations? (1 point)

Why is it important to check the solutions to a radical equation? (1 point)

Create your own radical equation. Describe in complete sentences and demonstrate the process in finding its solution(s). (2 points)

2 Answers

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    3 years ago

    Resolve for either x or y in both equation then plug what you get within the other equation for that same variable. For illustration: 1.12x=three.64+1.4y->divide both sides with the aid of 1.12 and then you definitely get x=(three.Sixty four/1.12)+(1.4y/1.12) (Sorry, I shouldn't have a calculator). Plug that last equation in for x after which slove for y. While you solve for y in the high equation plug it in in the different equation and to find x.

  • 7 years ago

    1. sqrt/8x+1 = 5

    Do you mean

    √(8x) + 1 = 5


    √(8x + 1) = 5


    x√(8) + 1 = 5

    Part Two: Explain, in complete sentences and in your own words . . .

    If I did it, then it would not be "in your own words:.

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