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looking for left handed knitting help.?

I am a basic left handed and dyslexic knitter [because of that reading a knitting pattern is not working for me] the few people I have talked to are all right handed and think I should just do what they are doing backwards. really? have been surprised there isn't much information on line.

I'm having a hard time finding any help for left handed knitters, to the point I haven't been knitting in a while.

so I'm looking for suggestions, plus being a visual learner, most written directions are hard to understand, and I haven't found them for left handed knitters.

If I do its a small section in the back, with a few pictures. I would like more than that. I would like to learn different stitches and especially how to do the fancy cable stitches, why buy a book if only a few pages are of much if any help to me. thanks for the help.

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    I'm not left handed, but I do knit and I started wondering why there isn't more help available. It doesn't seem fair, does it? Learning to knit is hard enough, I would think it's very frustrating to find help for left handed people. I found this website, which seemed like it might be helpful: I would also suggest you join There are a lot of great patterns there, plus helpful people. I'm sure in the community there must be other left handed knitters that would have good advice for you.

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    There may be three methods to knit... English (the "common" manner), where yarn is labored woth the left hand. Continenal (the one simplest 10% of knitter use), where the yarn is labored with the left hand. Backward, the place the stitches are taken off the left needle onto the right. Don't consider folks who say if you are left handed you will have to knit continetally. I taught myself learn how to knit to, however me being me I didn't comply with the booklet adequately and thougt I was once doing it proper unless any individual requested me why I was knitting "continentally". I'm right exceeded however for some weird purpose i'm utterly unable to knit neatly utilizing the English style. Knit a swatch (a bit of sqaure), and check out each styles. If neither fit your needs, try backwards knitting... However you'd be much braver than me in case you did! Hope this helps!

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