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Just made this fantasy baseball trade thoughts?

I traded Bryce Harper,Matt Wieters,Clayton Kershaw and Jeff Samardzija for Mike Trout,Carl Crawford,Jimmie Rollins and A.J. Burnett. I felt this trade was better for me then the other person do you agree or disagree? Also i traded Matt Harvey for Shelby Miller and this was a hard choice but i did not like the fact Harvey is on watch with innings pitched so i decided on Miller. This is my full roster now..

Chris Davis

Ian Desmond

Jimmie Rollins

Mike Trout

Carl Crawford

Brian McCann

Jed Lowrie

David Wright

Carlos González

Alex Rios

Coco Crisp

Mitch Moreland

Adam LaRoche

Nate McLouth

J.P. Arencibia

Álex Rodríguez -DL


A.J. Burnett

Shelby Miller

James Shields

Casey Janssen

Kyle Kendrick

Jim Henderson

José Valverde

Kevin Gregg

Doug Fister

Anibal Sánchez

This a 10 man league head to head i currently sit 2nd in points any advice on my tades or roster appreciate.

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    I would have stuck with what you had honestly. The trade made no sense. You're in 2nd so why try to fix **** that aint broke?? Now you're overloaded with hitters and you've lost your 2 best pitchers. Plus you traded for Rollins when you already owned Lowrie. Trading for miller in the long run may or may not pan out. No offense man but you just made it so your team is one dimensional and if your hitters go cold you're pitching isn't there anymore to pick up the slack.

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  • 7 years ago

    I wouldn't have made the move. You lost a lot of pitching. And with Desmond and Lowrie, you didn't really need Rollins. Burnett doesn't make up for Jeff Samardzija and Kershaw. Trout and Harper are very close. Wieters is a good C, but you have McCann, so you didn't really need him. Plus, you were doing well already if you were in 2nd place. No need to make a trade (ironic that I'm saying this since I made a trade while in 1st place).

    And with the Harvey-Miller trade, although Harvey will likely have an innings limit, that limit is probably going to be around 200, which is not that bad of a number. Not to mention, it wouldn't shock me if Shelby gets an innings limit. He's also a young pitcher, and I could see the Cards stopping him at about 180 IP. He won't throw more innings then Harvey will, barring an injury.

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  • 4 years ago

    i think of you have lost slightly in the deal, easily. If Pettitte and Cecil can shop up their performances for the the remainder of the 12 months, you would be dropping wins. even with the undeniable fact that, Lee is a longtime fantasy ace who provides you with sturdy stats - extraordinarily if he leaves Seattle and has a extra helpful hazard to get wins. Montero is a marginally extra helpful catcher than Barajas while he's healthful, and that i could decide on him over Suzuki and Barajas. Holliday and Suzuki provides you with distinctive contributions; you will for sure lose Ichiro's velocity, yet Holliday is extraordinarily sturdy all-around. in fact, if Pettitte and Cecil can shop up what they are doing, you have lost a tiny bit. it relies upon upon those 2. even with the undeniable fact that it rather is nevertheless a sturdy deal for you.

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  • 7 years ago

    Sorry dude but those were 2 bad trades.

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  • Pronk
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    7 years ago

    Stop making trades NOW!

    Consult with us BEFORE you make ANY more trades the rest of your life.

    Gud Loock

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  • 7 years ago

    Should have kept Bryce!!! That dude is insane. He is in a rough spot right now, but when he comes out of it, I bet that he catches fire.

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