Help with AR 15 iron sights?

I have a DPMS Oracle. The gas block is railed and not on the same plane as the upper rail. I bought a UTG front sight that is supposed to compensate for this and is designed for gasblocks lower than the upper rail, and a UTG carry handle. The front sight is fine, but i'm not crazy about the carry handle. The rear sight wiggles slightly. I sent my original handle back and got the same thing, so I think thats how all of these are. I've found it very annoying. My local range is only 25 yards long, so it doesn't matter enough to make a difference there, but I worry that at 100 yards and farther, I'd have trouble hitting anything. That being said, I'm looking at a Troy rear fixed sight. However, it says it will not work with gasblocks that are not on the same plane. However, I've already bought a front sight that compensates for my gasblock being lower. Will this sight work or not? I don't think you can adjust windage on it by the way, only elevation. Here are the links to my front sight and the Troy sight I'm speaking of.

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you want the Troy sights instead of MBUS, you can always raise the level of the front-sight by using a riser. For example, 1/2" 3-slot riser:

    5/6" 3-slot riser:

    You just need to measure the height difference between your main rail and the gas block rail.


    BTW, CTD has a 90-day return policy. If these items don't work for you, just return them using CTD's return process.


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    4 years ago

    Cheaper Than Dirt Ar 15 Scopes

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    4 years ago

    How far off are they? A millimeter or 5? It makes a big difference. A riser will make the front post too high. If the difference isn't that great, mount and adjust. If it is, consider mounting on the hand guard. And for iron sights, I hate to tell you man but you are gonna pay out your butt for them. Because cheap ones will break and that is the last thing you want. Your gun becomes a very unreliable tool without a good set of BUIS. Even a varmint gun needs a set. So do yourself a favor and bone out for a nice set like YHMT or the Magpul.

  • 7 years ago

    I build match and tactical AR's, service M16/M4, and have been using the AR platform for military and civilian competition to 600 yards - for decades.

    Your main problem - you are buying cheap crap from places like cheaperthandirt - these china made non-milspec parts are designed for kids to use on Airsoft - you should not be totally shocked when they dont work on a real gun. Dont be fooled by descriptions that call it 'battlefield', 'tactical' etc - unless it say milspec and gives you the specification it meets - it's trash. The US military, Israel Defense Force, etc etc does not use Leapers, UTG, Troy, etc etc. There is a good reason for this.

    I understand your position. Paying $63 you would think you'd get a decent sight - to me that is real money. But I have always paid $89 to $160 for Yankee Hill Machine sights on my AR's because they are milspec and once installed I never have to dick with them again. I spent most of 2011 out of work thanks to the economy - so - I understand building a gun on a budget....... but there are some places you just cant cut corners - scopes, sights, bolts, and barrels - the rest I dont care about and can fix.

    Your best solution is to get your hands on a YHM combo gas block and front flip-up sight. This will fix that front bock twist/cant/offcenter, and, put your front sight on the correct plane. Here is a link to a search page on Midway. Although they are out of stock - they wont be forever - just go to AR gas blocks and YHM. Nice thing about these - they are easy as pie to install using just a hex wrench. Just de-pin and remove the old gas block, this will fit right over the same space and look like a million bucks. They make several models - so be sure to get the one that is legal in your state and fits your barrel - most barrels are .720"

    This one is my favorite.

    You need a champagne budget to truly pimp out an AR correctly. You are not gonna be stuck on a 25yd range all your life - some day you will have the opportunity to move out to 300 or 600 yards and your rifle is so gonna suck and let you down. That - and you walk into a gunshop a few years from now with any of that cheap china crap hanging on a nice AR it will pull $400 to $600 off the sales cost! Some shops might not even let it stay in the shop for sale on the consignment rack.

    You need to understand that right now so many people are making a killing off of new AR owners - it's just criminal. If the AR was not a gun - we would have all kinds of government agencies falling all over themselve to protect people like you.

    Your local range is only 25yards. Me - I would be pimping out a Ruger 10/22 like nobody's business - and having a grand ole time of it! That what I love to do in my spare time...... I have the takedown model, threaded the barrel for SWR suppressor, quick release scope, Valquartsen mag release, 50rd drum...... it's a real bunny, grouse and beer can killing machine.

    Hope this helps

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  • Mr.357
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    7 years ago

    I think the UTG stuff is designed for air soft. It sounds like it is working fine. Air soft won't shoot 25 yds. Perhaps you should look for a better brand.

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