why do i have bed bugs?

My lease is up next month and i am moving asap b/c my 3year old has been bitten i believe and broke out all over his face arms and back. His doctor even suspected it could be from bed bugs before i even said anything. I didnt break out like that but i am always itching and when i scratch my skin welts and turning red. I am leavung but i wasnt gonna take anything with me but our clothes.i am leaving the beds.i have a new living room set i just bought and i didnt know if i should put in storage b/c i only had it for abt 3wks and no one ever sat on it yet and no one really goes in the living room.i dont want to throw that away. I was just going to move with my mom and save up to move but wash all our clothes before i take them over there.my landlord only wanted to spray but thats not gonna help.we just had new ppl move above us. I just want to go. Any advice would be helpful. I dont understand how this happened b/c i am not dirty and my house is clean.

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    Yes, wash your clothes using the hottest water possible and dry them thoroughly in your dryer. Then pack them IMMEDIATELY in your car. Park your car on the street, if possible. Do NOT park near your home. And use OxiClean when washing....2 scoops per load. OxiClean will kill any bugs or eggs on the clothes.

    You're smart not to take anything but clothes -- clothes that have been freshly laundered. Leave what you can behind, and store valuable things (like your living room set) for ONE FULL YEAR. It takes a full year of starvation to kill a bed bug.

    When you get to your new home, shower immediately. Put the clothes you were wearing in a trash bag and tie the trash bag AS SOON AS you take the clothes off. Then throw the clothes you were wearing away. Make sure the trash can is at least 100 feet from your new home.

    As for furnishing your new home during the one year waiting period, go "bare bones", but do NOT buy used furniture or you could re-infect your new home. Buy cheap furniture....Kmart, Walmart, etc. But buy NEW. You can replace the cheap furniture as you can afford to replace it.

    If you follow the above steps, you should be bed-bug free.

    Also, notify your landlord of the bed bugs, if you haven't already. He should be made aware of the problem.

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    Bed bugs are transmitted by a number of things, having nothing to do with you being a clean person. The more than likely scenario is you either visited someone or a hotel and they came back with you. Or someone visited you and brought them to you. Another method is they were already there and dormant before you moved in. Or they came in with your new furniture. So, before you move in with your mother, take all of your clothes including the clean clothes to the laundry and wash it, you will also need to treat your car, with a good cleaning. Anything going into storage needs to be treated before storage and sealed up in plastic. I know not easy with a living room set, but some plastic tarps or shower curtains and some duck tape should do the trick. Bedbugs can hide in wood or fabric so keep that in mind. The longer you leave it in storage wrapped up the better off you will be, but you want at least 6 months if you can get it. When it comes out of storage, have it deep cleaned if you can within a day or two. With any luck they won't follow you.

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