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How to request VFR flight following?

Please give step-by-step, word for word for requesting VFR flight following. In Cleveland area, I would contact Cleveland approach, correct? Also, since I only have 1 radio, when would I switch back from the flight following frequency, to the local airport traffic unicom frequency? (Any smart-*** answers will be given thumbs down)

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    Call Cleveland approach, give your call sign, position, and altitude. When they reply, tell them your destination and that you would like flight following, They will assign you a transponder code. When you have your destination in flight, request to end radar service and to change frequency.

    So it might go like this:

    "Cleveland Approach, Cessna niner alpha mike foxtrot, 5 miles north of somewhere, 2500.

    "9AMF, go ahead"

    "Cleveland, 9AMF is en-route to somewhere else, requesting flight following"

    "Roger 9AMF, squawk 3456"

    Keep in mind that VFR flight following is on a time permitting basis - you still need to scan for traffic, navigate, etc. It is also not a clearance to enter class B airspace.

    When you have the destination is sight:

    " Cleveland, Cessna 9MF would like to terminate flight following and change frequencies."

    "Roger 9AMF, radar service terminated, squawk 1200, frequency change approved"

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    Flight Following Frequency

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    Unless the rules have changes, you'll have to make 3 stop and go landings at a towered airport, that would be a good time to ask your tower controller, that's why they are there, to serve you. Same goes for departure, enroute and approach controllers, a lot of pilots are scared to ask them anything if they are flying VFR, but remember, their job is to serve pilots in any way they can. Also, if you're VFR they will have to deny you flight following if their workload doesn't permit them, but I've never heard anybody denied, that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. I've asked for ball scores while VFR and they have always given them to me, especially on nights or weekends, they're as bored as you are on a long cross country, and they know you're trying to stay awake.

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