Will 500g of fondant cover a 26cm round cake?

I'm making my mother a cake for her birthday and I'm new at this so I just want to know if 500g of fondant will cover a 26cm round cake ? Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    it will not cover the cake, if you roll it out to fit it will be so thin it will tear. you need at least 1kg

    personally I would buy a little extra so it is thick enough but i know a lot of people roll out thinner than i do. it should be a quarter of an inch thick, that will cover nicely and you have enough left to make flowers and frills.if your cake is sponge you need to cover it with a thin layer of buttercream to stick the icing to. too much and it could make the icing look lumpy. when you have finished rub the whole cake over with the heel of your hand make sure you dont use your fingers and this will give it a nice shine

    Source(s): 30 odd years of cake decorating
  • riobe
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    approximately $80 5.... impressing your shopper and paying interest to information can get you greater funds. oh... and in case you upload added decor or a 2nd layer that could additionally enhance the fee.

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