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sound words

Gave my some sounds words at many you can write

eg:bang , ouch

有幾多,寫幾多.(IN ENGLISH)yhank you!

(the people who write the most sounds words ,can get 10 points)

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    This kind of words are called onomatopoeia, and this word is derived from Greek.

    There is a complete list in the reference website below.

    achoo, ahem, baa, bah, bam, bang, bawl, beep, belch, boing, bong, bonk, boo, bu,mp, buzz, chatter, cheep, chime, chirp, chitter, clang, clank, clap, clatter, click, clink, cluck, crack, crackle, crunch, cuckoo, ding, drip, dong, eek, fizz, flick, flutter, growl, gurgle, hack, hiccup, hiss, honk, huh, hum, jangle, jingle, knock, meow, moo, mumble, murmur neigh, oink, ouch, ow, phew, ping, plop, plunk, pop, purr, quack, rattle, roar, rumble, rustle, screech, shush, sizzle, slap, slurp, smack, sniff, snip, snort, splash, squelch, squish, swoosh, thud, thump, ticktock, tinkle, tsk, twang, tweet, ugh, vroom, whack, wham, whir, whizz, whoop, whoosh, woof, yikes, zap, zing, zip, zoom

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    7 years ago

    1st problem: Its GIVE not GAVE, you should use PRESENT TENSE

    Sound Words: bark hushed haw gurgling loud wail cry noisy moan howl reverberating tinkle thump whine thundering whistling lapping boom whimper crunching sloshing squeal snapping splash quietly whisper raspy snarl rustle softly snort thud scream harsh deafening

    2nd problem: Not PEOPLE is PERSON because you are talking on A PARTICULAR person (1 person)

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