Congrats! You've just been hired as the new MLB Commissioner. What's your first major action.?

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  • 7 years ago
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    1. Call Aaron and/or Mays, just because I'm the Commish and I can!

    2. Invoke visitor rules for interleague play -- the DH bats in NL parks.

    3. Rescind the "ASG determines WS homefield" policy. I don't have a replacement in mind, but it'll be something even more confounding that will be loathed by every fan ever. They'll be *screaming* to go back to the alternate-years format.

    4. I rule on Rose's 1997 application for reinstatement. The entire document goes on for one, maybe two sentences, summarized as "no".

    5. Get something happening with the Athletics and San Jose. It's past time for action!

    6. Reinstate one neutral-site series per season. Remember the Padres in Mexico? The Cards in Honolulu? The Expos calling San Juan home for a quarter of their season? Those were cool, and need to come back. Europe gets a few. China, South Korea, Australia, Sea of Tranquility -- the farther-flung, the better.

    7. Hint at expansion to 32 teams, then never get around to making it happen during my tenure.

    8. Convene a panel of medical and biomolecular experts, to evaluate the state of the art of physical enhancement and make measured predictions of what could be coming over the next 15-20 years, resulting in preliminary policies against experimental usage by the player population. (This is serious. There's gene therapy and elective surgeries and other things coming, probably not in the US but elsewhere, which will make steroids seem like children's chewable vitamins, and we'd all be better off asking "what then?" now than asking "what now?" then.)

    9. Begin drafting my Hall of Fame induction speech. As Commish, I pretty much have a guaranteed ticket in, so why wait until the last minute?

    That's nine, and that's the baseball number, so I conclude here.

  • 7 years ago

    1. Probably change home field advantage in the World Series to best record.

    2. Do all I can to resolve A's and Rays' stadium issues. Use my own funds if necessary!

    3. Put a big plaque outside the entrance to the Hall of Fame that states something along the lines of, "The Commissioner of Baseball does not control who gets into the Hall of Fame or who is not allowed in. If he did, do you think we'd still be using the election process we've got now?!"

    4. If possible, which it probably isn't, make it impossible to contract a team that's existed more than 50 years. [Contracting the Expos would have been sad, but what really irks me is they considered contracting "the Twins." The Twins are the original Washington Senators, and one of the Original 16 franchises. Thou shalt not!]

    5. If possible, start postseason games earlier in the day.

    6. Hire people who'll keep up with what's going on in baseball, at all levels, being proactive about, you know, drugs and stuff.

    And finally, 7. In order to generate more interest in baseball by kids, get DC Comics to sponsor one of the leagues, renaming it the Justice League. [...Not really.]

    [I'd love to move the A's back to Philly and put the Rays in Brooklyn, but there's little logic behind that other than, "It'd be COOL!" and no chance of either happening.]

  • 7 years ago

    Add another ump who sits in a room somewhere and watches instant replays. Give him a direct radio link to the umps on the field. Should be able to get more calls right without slowing down the game too much.

    Push for the DH to be added to the National League. Sorry traditionalists.. but watching a good hitter face a good pitcher is more entertaining than watching a pitcher flail pathetically at 3 pitches and strike out.

  • Getting rid of the All-Star Game determining who has HFA in the World Series. It would be the World Series team with the most wins during the regular season.

    @rick: The Commissioner does not decide who is in the HOF and not in the HOF.

    @running2: Yeah let's remove the team that generates the most revenue for the sport, brilliant idea.

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  • 7 years ago

    Allow people to post montages and highlight videos of MLB action on Youtube and all other media sites, this would massively widen the coverage of the Sport.

  • Erich
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    7 years ago

    Make sure the NL never gets the DH. AL can keep it, but make it illegal for the NL to ever adopt it. That, and home field in the World Series goes to the team with a better record.

  • David
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    7 years ago

    1. Make it clear that Pete Rose's permanent suspension stays that way-permanent.

    2. Quash speculation by ruling that baseball will not be changing number of teams either by expansion or contraction and that any city that wants a new team will have to wait for a relocation.

    3. Change the World Series so teams with the best record have home field advantage. If teams have the same record, the team waiting the longest to win a Fall Classic will have the advantage.

    4. Give the fans a break. Three double headers per season where one admission pays for two games.

    There-four bases, four priorities.

  • 7 years ago

    You've gotten some absurd answers so far. People, the commissioner does not have unlimited powers. More than 90% of the things mentioned so far are negotiated as part of the collective bargaining agreement with the players. The commissioner cannot institute a salary cap. He cannot set limits on contracts. He cannot remove the DH. He cannot extend the DH into the NL. He is predominantly a well paid figurehead.

  • 7 years ago

    I ban any player contract in excess of 100M.

    If you want a player for 2 years at 50M per year fine. But i want to eliminate players raking in 200M over 10 years when there play in no longer productive.

    Am I an idiot to spend my valuable time on the Pete Rose case?

    I bring in replay effective in the post season, immediately. Then I work on a formula like 2 reviews per game and 1 more fior extra innings in the regular season. And I bring it in ASAP.

    EDIT: My good friend Gibbs. I take the question as a theoretical exercise. Clearly a new commissioner coming in will be selected or approved by Selig and co. As such he will not make changes. I take the question to be, what changes would you make if you could?

  • Kal-El
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    7 years ago

    First thing first....GET RID OF INTERLEAGUE PLAY!!!

    Re-align each league (Houston goes back to NL. Milwaukee goes back to AL).

    Get rid of 2 teams (Most likely both FL teams).

    Also, for sure I would get rid of whoever wins the ASG gets HFA for the WS. That is the stupidest thing ever. Put it back the way it was (NL has it in odd #'d years, AL has it in even #'d years).

    And do whatever It took to get rid of the DH--FOREVER!

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