Can anyone help me find a Fragrance, that comes in a blue bottle, with the label "Pour Homme"?

Yes, I do realize that there are countless colognes with the name "Pour Homme" ..but that's why it's so hard for me to find it.

I was thinking maybe perhaps someone on here, who is familiar with cologne bottles, can help me with it.

The fragrance, I only got the top notes down. It smells fresh, minty, sweet, and spicy to me.

It comes in a light blue bottle. The bottle is pretty round/oval-ish. All I can remember is reading the name "Pour homme". I didn't bother to see who the designer is... but it's been on my mind, lately. I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me with it. Thanks!


The bottle is round/oval-ish. It isn't rectangular or square.

Update 2:

My apologies. I guess the "spice" I'm getting most likely came from the mint. You can cross the spice out.

2 Answers

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