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most embarrassing stories (middle school)?

who has any really em brassing stories? Mainly from middle school! here are most of mine with elementary too sorry they are so long!

In the first grade i didn't understand why underwear was so important because i thought girls and guys had the same "parts" so it didn't matter if they say mine under my skirt. Well, one day i was wearing a white skirt and i had accidentally spilled water on it so it became very see through. I was in the first grade so i didn't exactly know that my but and crotch were really visible. YEah and because i had no underwear my skirt flew up too. Then Bailey culpepper (my enemy) told the teacher i was flashing my naughty area and then i got a very awkward lecture.

In the 4th grade i didn't realize that being gay meant to be homosexual, and i got the idea in my head that gay meant cool. I some how thought this because guys were always like " bro your so gay" so yeah... i know it was stupid. Well, i had a teacher who really hated me and i thought that to get her to like me i should compliment her. Her name was mrs. Brown. Anyways, one day i said, in front of the class, "mrs. brown, you make math really fun! your just so gay!" Yeah That landed me a trip to the principal and another stern talk..

Also, in the 4th grade i had decided to skip a grade about 3 months into the year. On my first day in 5th grade, i didn't know anyone and i didn't understand the curriculum. It was really hard and i decided that to make friends i should act popular. The only things i knew about popularity came from iCarly. So, i put on a creepy vest and some bright pink skinny jeans and i started to talk in an outrageous voice. Then everyone made up a rumor that i was on drugs (we were 5th graders so we didn't get drugs) and the teacher heard and he had a conference with my parents and we cleared that up.

In 6th grade i learned that my mom got her period in the 6th grade. I had gotten discharge about a year ago so i thought that i would be getting it soon and this made me paranoid. Well, the day came when i finally got it. I was in my math class with my hated teacher and i felt something wet. /i knew i got it. But, i couldn't get to my pads in my backpack because my but wa stained and people would see. So when it came time to leave class and head to pe i actually crawled on the floor and covered my put with a book. In the hallways. Outside. On the concrete. In front of 800 people.

Also in the 6th grade i did a face mask that made my whole entire face bright red and the next day when i went to school i was too embarrassed to tell everyone that i accidental got an allergic reaction so i said that i was on a walk and i passed out and the next thing i knew was that i was lying on the street with an red face and an alien tattoo. There was rumor that went around that started to say i had alien powers and everyone worshiped me until one of my close friends blabbed that it was just a face mask and i was embarrassed.

When i got into 8th grade i went on a trip to magic mountain with my choir group. one guy stole my purse and was running around and teasing me with it and my menstrual cup fell out (i was going to put it in in the morning but i chickened out and i just settled for pads for the day so i kept it in my purse just in case) and he didn't know what it was so he thought that it was a bra that only had one cup and he ran around showing his friends until one of them told him what it was and he got really embarrassed. When he went to put it back a pad fell out of the pocket and then he thought it was a napkin. Oh wow gotta luv guys and periods, so clueless!

just some of my stories. :)

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    Well, in 4th grade, me and two other girls did a dance in the talent show to "Video Killed the Radio Star". And, of course, we put a cheerleading lift in the dance, and they dropped me on my butt in front of the entire school.

    My butt hurt for a while after that.


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    Telling a girl that she's beautiful, only receiving the "we're only friends" thing.

    Source(s): It happens.
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    i was in class doing partner work with my best friend, and my crush was sitting right behind us. I had to fart really badly. Then I sneezed and farted at the same time, but my fart was louder than my sneeze! My crushed asked me, “Did you just fart?” I said, “No, it was just a sneeze,” but my friend was laughing at me because she knew lol

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    Those are some good stories glad you saw the positive in them:)

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