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Trying to decide if I should learn another instrument?

So I have been playing guitar for about 6 years. I tried violin for 2 months but that didn't work because I didn't like the way the teacher taught me(she was really good and nice though), and I couldn't tune the violin because the strings always sounded the same, and everything the teacher said made no sense. And I tried the piano about 5 years ago when my old pastor gave our family his piano(I was a bit confused since people convienced me piano was an instrument for idiots... they were obviously wrong).

Now, I am thinking about trying another instrument.. again. I already own 2 guitars, an epiphone les paul special 2(I think), and a fender telecoustic. The telecoustic is my favorite and I try to play everyday.

But, my guitar playing doesn't seem to be going anywhere even though I practice all the time and work hard on improving my playing. I can't read music, and I guess my playing kind of got ruined when I posted 2 recordings on youtube and got bad feedback(mostly from here, my family of course thinks I'm amazing).

Anyways, I own a violin that I'm unsure I will ever touch again, a way out of tune piano that is currently in the living room and pretty much a piece of furniture, and I own a keyboard that my aunt gave me, I have messed with it a bit and taught myself mad world by gary jules.

I was looking at the ocarina since I have about $70 atm, but unsure about learning it. I am really thinking about looking for the piano books my mom bought when we got the piano. Do you think that would be a good idea?

I also want to improve my guitar playing? I have never read music except a few notes for violin, I have never been able to tune without electric tuner(same thing as violin, the strings always sound the same, and can't tell if it should go up or down), and for some reason just haven't been able to improve.

Any ideas for both questions? I don't want $300 in recording equiment to go to waste.

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  • 8 years ago
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    What about learning to play the violin fiddle-style? You know, Celtic style... if you find someone who plays the flute, you can make a really good show... (I love that kind of music...)

  • 8 years ago

    i say don't jump on other instrument because you've been playing guitar for 6 years , you know lot about guitar then any other instument so, learn the idea of music from basic and be paitient it is the most in music. Try learn exercise from slow(its the key) so don't panic..IN 100% music ...FEEL 50%..PRACTICE 30% and THEORY 20%.IF you play the chord C then feel it make it clear and see how it is formed ..i meant to say understand and play and you will be the king.

    As you learn the guitar perfect ..i am sure you'll know lot about the piano and yes violin is one of the difficult instument so think well . I know you do well just be paitent and practise more .. thank you

  • 8 years ago

    Learn the piano. It allows you to learn the notes for both clefs and then helps you to develop your ear for the different notes. I learned the piano first and now I play the trombone tuba piano and marching baritone.

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