Ap calculus? Ap physics? College? Help?

Okay I'm a sophomore and I qualified to take Ap calculus junior year so I signed up because I want to be an engineer and I genuinely like math. I am wondering if it looks good on a college application and if so how good? Also, if you qualify for ap calculus then you automatically qualify for ap physics. But the thing is if I take ap physics junior year then what will I take senior year? So should

I just take physics junior year and ap physics senior year? But I don't really want to take regular physics because I'll be in a class with people that are 1-3 years behind me in math so I feel like I should take ap physics but I don't know. Help?

Oh and 90 something percent of students in my school that take calculus score a 4 or 5 on the ap exam so how much does this effect college applications?

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    7 years ago
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    Take AP Calculus for sure. For AP Physics, there are 2 parts. AP Physics B and AP Physics C. AP Physics B involves algebra and trigonometry skills but AP Physics C involves calculus skills. Most people who take AP Physics in their junior year is AP Physics B, AP Physics C is for advanced seniors because it's the most hardest AP class out of all. But if you haven't taken any physics course before, I suggest you to take regular physics or honors physics (if your school offers) because it gives you a background of what physics is and if you just jump to AP Physics, it will be very difficult to master that class since physics is the hardest subject out of all.

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    Definitely take ap calculus.

    Its split up into two years for high school students and will definitely cover first semester calculus for universities. Some universities may say it covers you for calc 1 and calc 2 in university.

    Either way id recommend you do both if you like it.

    I am an engineering student and it was the dumbest idea ever to take AP stats instead of AP calc.

    Stats didnt prepare me for anything and engineering majors dont even need it.

    Take AP physics as well, i am not sure what it will entail but depending on what college you go to, the calculus based physics will be much more rigorous but you should take it just to have a slight glimpse of what to expect.

    Generally it looks a little bit better, a lot better if you can get A's and 5's on the test.

    If you are going to get B's and 3's on the tests then theres not really a point to it.

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