Is there a religion for this?

Believing in God, not a specific one in a specific category. Just God. The one that made everything, alpha omega, loves everyone and everything. Also, only believing in common sense rules like: don't kill, lie, etc (Pretty much don't do anything that will hurt others). I am not strict when it comes to gay people, I see them and as long as they are happy, whatever. *shrugs* I also hang around people who party, but I myself will have one drink and laugh at the stupid things my friends do while drunk. I love tattoos and piercings on other people, to me it's art and not something bad. I am saving myself for marriage (I'm 23 years old right now) because I want a partner for life instead of a fling. Besides, I have always wanted to do the whole housewife know, singing and cooking while the birds and squirrels clean the house and my husband is at work. I will listen to all kinds of music from Taylor Swift to Lil Jon, cuss words included....and enjoy it. I have read some of the bible and went to different churches a few times, but I feel like Christianity and Catholicism are too strict with rules. I wish there were a group of people who just sit in a circle reading the bible (any bible) out loud then talk about it without making it depressing or about money.*sigh* I just want freedom and to smile when I go to a place of worship, and leave happy too. No sadness, no judgement, no strict rules, no telling me that my music is of the devil, no talk about money from the second I enter the room to the time I leave, to Is there a religion like that?


Why does it have to be hard work to have faith, shouldn't it come easy? O_o

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    Religion:- religion is a procedure of beliefs and worships which involves a code of ethics and a philosophy of life. There are numerous religions in the world in these days. A few of these religions are of up to date starting place but most of them are very ancient. Actually we all know from history that man has invariably had a faith. Even the primitive men living in caves or jungles had some sort of religion. The standards and rituals in man's faith have consistently developed and end up extra rational and complicated as time went on. The primitive religions of the Cave Man and the Bush Man gave upward thrust to the brand new religions of the previous three thousand years. In these days, the predominant religions of the arena include: World religion ----- Originated in Zoroastrianism ----- Iran Confucianism ----- China Hinduism ------ India Taoism ------ China Jainism ------ India Judaism ------ Neat East Christianity ------ near East Islam ------ near East Buddhism ------- India Shinto ------- Japan These are the first-rate religions of the world which are not only dependable for all our amassed wealth of wisdom, philosophy, ethics, and social and moral codes, but have influenced the tradition, the language and the moral attitudes of almost every individual living today. Change between devout and Non religious Peoples. 1. The devout persons suppose in whatever at the same time the others don't. 2. The devout humans participate in certain acts of worship while the others don't. 3. The devout humans seem to comply with a distinct code for their social and ethical behaviour whilst the others do not. Four. The devout men and women find a rationale of lifestyles and have a exact philosophy closer to it, while the others don't.

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    Unitarian Universalists will accept you no matter what your belief in the nature of God. They welcome LGBT folks, too.


    1) Pretty much any church that has a building with electric lights and indoor plumbing is going to talk about money once in a while. Not always, but sometimes. We do during March.

    2) We don't read or discuss the Bible very much (as a group. Some individuals read it.)

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    wouldn't say that's a religion because it's not bound by rules.

    I live a similar lifestyle and study the bible with like minded people we open the floor to opinions and reason among our selves, at times we conclude, and at times we don't. then we have cupa t and biscuits.

    we are like minded people, but we all have different lifestyles, so there's that diversity that makes our study really interesting.

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    Check out Wicca or some of the other earth based spirituality's. You may be surprised.

    No guilt and no judgements. Just a spiritual journey and awakening.

    Blessed Be.....

    "and if it harms none do what you will" One of the Wiccan creeds.

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    IMHO, you want all the good, but none of the hard work of a spiritual path.

    sorry, but reality isnt like that

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    Create your own religion

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