Being a Western woman in Iran?

I am an English woman who wants to go to Iran, possibly to work as a teacher. However, I've never lived in an Islamic country before, though I have visited them. What is life like for western women in the middle east? Are they expected to cover their heads in public and dress a certain way? Is it dangerous?

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    7 years ago
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    Can't you think about any other country in the Middle East to work than Iran? Choose the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain or Oman where you have more freedom and receive a much more attractive salary packages. In the mentioned countries you just have to dress decent but you don't have to wear any Islamic clothing, have acess to many of your home products/brands, pork items, alcohol and a much better social life. You even can wear a bikini at the beach open for men and women:)

    Why choosing a country struggling by western imposed sanctions with an enormous inflation rate? Qatar, Oman and the UAE (in this order) are the safest countries in the Middle East.

    Source(s): me, UAE
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      Yeah your from UAE or whatever that's why your just talking about you country and stating the bad things in Iran. Pfffft

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    No Iran is safe I can assure you...Iran is totally different from other Islamic see, Iranian people have a cleric government but most people in Iran are not religious at all! funny huh? and yes you are expected to cover your head in public since the government forbids women dressing like westerners but the situation was very different before the 1979 Islamic Republic..*sigh*

    btw, I used to have an english boyfriend who worked in Tehran as a teacher :D

    Source(s): I'm an Iranian girl living in me if you have any more questions :)
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    It is not dangerous at the moment, but it could become unstable. As far as everyday danger like crime, no Iran is generally not a dangerous country, so you are safe in that regard.

    You have to wear hijab in public no matter what, although a lot of younger women kinda wear it half way, but hijab is mandatory and there is such a thing as "morality" police in Iran. Islamic law is not just limited to your clothes. Alcohol is illegal in Iran (you can still get some but its not readily available in a store or anything), gyms are segregated between sexes, beaches are segregated between sexes. There are no nightclubs, no bars, etc. Islamic holidays could annoy you. For example during Ramadan(1 month of the year) 99% of restaurants must be closed from like 6 AM to 830 PM.

    Air quality is ****, especially in Tehran. Most people are friendly and pretty westernized and are opposed to religious law. They party, drink, and everything in between but pretty much all in their own homes. So think more like going to peoples kickbacks and gatherings at their house.

    That's about it.

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    7 years ago

    First, Iran is totally different from the Arab world. It might not make sense for you, but there is huge difference between Iran and the rest of the Islamic countries in term of religion, which shapes the country. Iran is shitta and the others are sunaa. You will think that it doesn't make any difference but in reality it does.

    Second, you probably want to double sure about going to Iran. Ask people who know a lot about Iran. If you have Iranian friends, you can ask them. I met Iranians, nice people, who do not get along with their government. My point, double sure before making such a decision.

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    Iran is islamic republic and womens must cover their hair but not very aggresive a normal cover is ok also in Iran womens can wear jeans , boots also they have right to drive and eduaction I recomend you watch RICK STEVES IRAN dacumentary at youtube .

    Iranians are very friendly and Iran have many beautiful beaches at caspian sea and Persian gulf womens can wear bikini at womens only areas. trust me Persian girls are very beautiful and Iran is very intersting country with amazing culture and beautiful historical sites and ski places at alborz mountain and perfect Iranian food

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    better watch a movie,than read a written book.Of course,it is simpler to get a much better picture by watching the action(images),then browsing through all these words.

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    3 years ago

    Television is merely educational if you're watching a documentary or something similar

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    First of all, I don't mean the other people answers are not correct. But They have described a "very positive" side of Iran. So, I won't dare to call those answers useless and will try my best to give you a realistic view of my country. Because you are going to make a very important decision.

    As someone who has lived in Europe for years, it's like going from heaven to hell. In many various aspects like freedom, economics, politics, culture etc. Iran is only suitable for those who want to travel as a tourist.

    Covering head and body is called Hijab. If you don't observe Hijab, the police (or the moral police) will arrest you. There is no guaranty that they treat you well. So, yes, I would say it is dangerous (especially for single women).

    But Hijab is not the only problem. You are not allowed to have dance parties, going out with your boyfriend (or any other man who is not a relative), selling or drinking alcoholic drinks in public places, there is no bar, no nightclub, the press is very limited, Internet connection speed is very low (128 kbps for home-users, plus there have blocked too many websites such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and so many others), TV programs are worthless and you "soon" will need a satellite dish which is forbidden (but you still can get one illegaly, although they will cause radio jamming in order to censor news channels and pornography). Oh and "DOGs" are forbidden, too!.

    There are restriction, discrimination (Shia Muslims only accepted. Although there is other followers while they treat them with injustice), moral collapse, homophobia and so on. It is pretty much look like Europe in Middle Ages! I mean "religious extremism" and other stupid stuff you can see almost everywhere that you will sick of it!

    Iran is well known for supporting terrorist actions and has no reasonable face in U.N. Each year they impose more sanctions against Iran. Because of these sanctions, many western businesses companies (like APPLE) have no official dealers in Iran. Even very popular services like iTUNES or GOOGLE.

    Politicians compare Iran's circumstance to North Korea! And you can realize the depth of disaster when the judiciary chief of Iran says: "We don't believe in Human Rights". (Sadegh Larijani)

    You might think this is not concern you but the unemployment's rate is sharply rising. This factor shows that a country's economy going well or not. The more unemployment means more poverty and caused insecurity. Also the judicial system is completely corrupt.

    The law of Iran is based on Islam, and Islam ignores women's right.

    Iran is not even a good place for a Shia Muslim. because of religious extremism and regime's double standard behaviors. Also "Most of" people are religious (Shia). But big cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan are not "that" religious.

    And finally good news! No country in the world is perfectly safe, but we don't have THAT much of rape in Iran. Because of religious beliefs? No, I would say because of the barbaric punishment: Execution.

    My final words:

    Iran is a country with no future and is very close to experience a regression. You will survive if you are that kind of person who is able to ignore her absolute rights, is able to stand too many pressure, have no other choice but to live in Iran, and will payed in Dollars!

    If you had any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Source(s): An Iranian who live in Iran.
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    7 years ago

    U have to cover but not so strictly

    email me for more information

  • 6 years ago

    First of all try to inform yourself

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