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Who was in the cabinet when Joseph Stalin was a dictator?

Also who were some generals during the cold war side for the Soviet Union


i dont know which cabinet my teacher was just talking about joseph stalin and then he said list who was in the cabinet with him

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    I assume by "cabinet" you mean the Politburo, which was the supreme governing council of the Soviet Union. When Stalin became chairman of the Politburo it consisted of:

    Joseph Stalin

    Nikolai Bukharin

    Grigory Zinoviev

    Lev Kamenev

    Alexei Rykov

    Mikhail Tomsky

    Leon Trotsky

    Felix Dzerzhinsky

    Mikhail Kalinin

    Vyacheslav Molotov

    Jānis Rudzutak

    Grigori Sokolnikov

    Mikhail Frunze

    The membership of the Politbureau changed frequently as Stalin often dismissed or purged those who displeased him and replaced them with those who he considered more reliable or were more compliant with his wishes. Other people who were on the politburo at one time or another during the Stalin era include:

    Kliment Voroshilov

    Grigory Petrovsky

    Nikolai Uglanov

    Andrei Andreyev

    Lazar Kaganovich

    Sergey Kirov

    Anastas Mikoyan

    Grigory Ordzhonikidze

    Vlas Chubar

    Valerian Kuybyshev

    Stanislav Kosior

    Karl Bauman

    Sergei Syrtsov

    Robert Eikhe

    Nikita Khrushchev

    Pavel Postyshev

    Nikolay Shvernik

    Kliment Voroshilov

    Lavrentiy Beria

    Alexander Shcherbakov

    Nikolai Voznesensky

    Andrei Zhdanov

    Averky Aristov

    Dmitry Chesnokov

    Semyon Ignatyev

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    Stalin; then Hitler, then Mussolini. under Stalin's regime, he became into responsible for over 40 million deaths. Hitler became into merely responsible for around 22 million, i think of. Mussolini became into Hitler's puppet governor of Italy, and not very reliable on his own. in keeping with coverage? possibly Hitler--his theory equipment is extremely sickening, nonetheless I have not have been given something good to assert approximately any of those adult males...

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    Which cabinet? The American one? The Swedish one? What?

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