Do angels exist among us?

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    As personalities, angels have the power to communicate with one another (1Co 13:1), the ability to talk various languages of men (Nu 22:32-35; Da 4:23; Ac 10:3-7), and the thinking ability with which to glorify and praise Jehovah (Ps 148:2; Lu 2:13). It is true that angels are sexless, because Jehovah made them so, not because they are impersonal forces. Angels are generally represented as males, and when materializing it was always in the male form, because God and his Son are spoken of as males. However, when certain materialized angels indulged in the pleasure of sex in the days of Noah, they were expelled from God’s heavenly courts. Here was a display of angelic individuality, for, like humankind, they too are free moral agents, with the power of personal choice between right and wrong. (Ge 6:2, 4; 2Pe 2:4) By personal choice, hordes of angels joined Satan in his rebellion.—Re 12:7-9; Mt 25:41.

    But its really no indication that angels are still materializing among us today. But wicked angels that have been kicked out of heaven do still have influence over mankind and are responsible for the wickedness on the earth today. And God does still use heavenly angels to fulfill there role as messengers and accomplishing his will today, just not necessarily materializing into mans form.

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    well scripture states

    Hbr 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

    and I have met a few in my life

  • Victoria's Secret.

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    I believe briefly, on an assignment. Not day in and day out.

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    Of course or everything would be round

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    8 years ago's nonsense.

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