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do you read books of other religions why or why not?

I was reading this book from

I think this book proofs god is real & its a cool book so I am just sharing this & I also recommend it if some 1 likes these kinds of book & I also want to know what other books u like because I love to share & I love to read. Knowledge is awesome ! Thank u.

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    I've always wanted to read the Koran, but I've never made the time to do so.

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    yes its such a privilege. unless a book sponsors something evil or ill behavior, it can be well worth your time and can help you learn what makes men have wise thoughts.

    there was a God before the written words we know and that same God is still going to be God the one and only source of sin free peace and enjoyment, even if all the gods and religions and books and teachers are all far away because of poverty or war or unhealthful situations.

    so enjoy some new reading and some other scriptures and other faiths. it might just help you strengthen your understanding of your own faith

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    Generally no. I am familiar with other religious text, but I've never taken the time to sit down and read the actual book, mostly out of lack of interest. I am a dyslexic screenwriting major and have never been much of a reader, I am more of a movie guy.

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    I read books about Wicca, Norse, Hinduism, ancient Greek and Roman mythology, as well as others. I like to expand my horizons, open up my eyes. If I see something I like, something that makes the wheels in my head go a-turning I will do more research, explore and dig deeper. I'd prefer not to be one of those uninformed or misinformed bigots prowling around spewing hate about religions they can't even pronounce correctly.

    But that's just me.

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    Firstly, I am not religious and I follow no religion....

    but I am completely fascinated in religions and what people believe around the world, so YES i do read books of other religions.

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    no - i have no time to waste trying to figure out whats wrong with rebels

    acts 2.38 / acts 4.12 / acts 3.17-26 / matthew 19.16-19 / matthew 5.17-20 / john 15.22-24 / john 10

    these scriptures are my guides in the right direction to eternal life - i do not need other people to tell me the way - especially when they appear to have lost theirs

    matthew 23 - Jesus sums up the pitiful abilities of false religious leaders

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    Yeah sure, I think it's interesting to learn about other people's religions and I'll check the link out :D xx

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    i think religious people should start with reading their own books before they even begin to branch out to learn about others, because thats too far and few as it is.

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    I read everything, I like to know all sides

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    Yeah. I like to understand as many perspectives as possible, whether or not they are my own.

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