Milestones are often celebrated & rewarded in the U.S. What should O’s 100th million unemployment claimant get?

The Department of Labor’s Employment & Training Administration (ETA) will show 99.9 million first-time claimants for unemployment under Obama’s sluggish economy through Saturday, May 11, when the data is released in a couple of days. At the pace it’s been shedding workers, it appears the 100th million new registrant for unemployment probably applied for assistance after suffering the milestone job loss today.

An April Rasmussen poll showed the economy and jobs came out first and third, respectively in a poll seeking Americans’ opinions about the issues of greatest concern to the nation. Similarly, Gallup’s May 8th poll showed jobs and the economy both scoring 86% atop the list of issues voters felt our nation’s elected officials needed to focus on.

Amazingly, Obama’s jobs statistics compared against Bush numbers through the New Year showed 107,600 more jobs lost on average across each of his 205 weeks in Office at the close of 2012, while months with 31 days counted 495,000 more jobs lost than comparable months for Obama’s predecessor, which clearly contradicted votes cast when the President was reelected for a second term. At election time, the difference in jobs lost monthly averaged more than a half million more for Obama’s shrunken economy than suffered the same separation from jobs and income under Bush.

While the ETA actual counts of employers’ payroll data nationwide remains 4.67 million down from the total number of employed Americans when Obama took Office, with 30 million ready, come-of-age new workers seeking employment during the four year period, the fall from 133,886,830 in January 2009 to 129,204,324 in the latest counts as of April 2013 shows why the economy and jobs top Americans’ list of concerns.

Since cumulative counts of jobs lost will show 99.9 million Americans separated from gainful employment under Obama through Saturday, May 11th, I’ve asked for opinions here in Y!A for which day this Administration will officially reach its 100 millionth new registrant for unemployment. The math suggests Tuesday, May 14th as perhaps the most likely day, while it’s sure to be reached by or before the am on Wednesday the 15th.

As critically important as that record is, what do you think would be an appropriate prize/reward for the lucky 100 millionth job loser?

Liberals regularly claim confidence in the President being concerned for and committed to Americans’ well-being, so perhaps he could go beyond the 5% return of income he volunteered as a gesture to show his punishing sequester plan, which inflicted 10 percent income loss for some in the public sector, while others lost jobs outright, was something he’d respond to by forfeiting a small measure of the President’s income. Obama’s $400,000 income might be useful for rewarding the 100 millionth job loser under this Administration; of course, figuring just who the individual really was who reached that remarkable plateau would be difficult. Maybe the 325,000, or so, Americans who will have lost jobs during the week from May 12th through May 18th should all be recognized. The compassionate leader the left always claims occupies the Oval Office at this point, could reward the 100 million week filers with $1.25 each to support some of the least fortunate in the economy now.

Perhaps for perspective, if Bill Gates jumped in to help the nation’s 100 million jobs losers under Obama, the entirety of his estimated 670 billion net worth could serve to compensate the displaced workers with $670.00 each, which might pay for most of a month’s rent to go along with the food stamps a record 47.8 million Americans now rely upon for survival.

What do you feel should be an appropriate reward or measure of recognition for the 100 millionth job loser this week under the Obama Administration?

Cumulative ETA counts are shown at the bottom of the Rocky Mountain Perspective pages:

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  • KarenL
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    7 years ago
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    A Pink ribbon stating 100,000,000 unemployment receiver, Press Coverage and an listed phone number.

    The person would look like a jerk, the media would make sure the persons face is well publicized and everyone would be calling him/her to get some of his winnings. Which he won't get but everybody will assume that you get something for coming in last. This is taught in school for 5 year olds. 6th place trophy for the last of 6 kids in a race.

  • 7 years ago

    Thanks. The polls you linked are precisely where the nation's interest lies, and I don't mean like Obama's seemingly endless strategic deceptions. 100 million unemployed registering claims since 2009 puts the pain for workers under this Administration into focus in ways the media has ignored for too long. Is it any wonder the economy hasn't turned for tens of millions the BLS doesn't even bother to count any longer?

    The Peter Ferrara analysis for Forbes shows how some of our brightest, most capable economists see evidence that we're still not out from under the worst five years since the great depression. It's worth reading, as are the statistics you've gathered, which Obama apologists naturally refuse to accept. Department of Labor ETA counts seem more honest and representative than anything coming from the BLS at this point.

  • 7 years ago

    They would be Obama`s hero`s ~ Obama would invite them to the White House to receive the "Permanent Do Not Have To Work Card" ; with the benefit of a lifetime of unemployment checks !

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Jobs Czar (unpaid intern) in the Laser focus Obama administration.

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  • A new president, I would say. But America disagreed with me, and re-elected obama.

  • 7 years ago

    That's a great offensive against the obama administration. Where's the part where you put your solution so we can answer the question? Or is this just a roast.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    A six pack of Colt 45 and a Bucket of Original Recipe.

  • 7 years ago

    How about Obama's head on a stick!

  • Viper
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    A ring-side seat to obamas impeachment.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    A job.

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