What part of the 'God concept' seems reasonable?


The 'God concept' === The idea that there is a God or highly intelligent being that had something to do with the formation of humans on Earth.

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  • 7 years ago
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    None of it ever made much sense to me.

    The only concept of god I could buy is if some hyper-dimensional alien created our universe via some kind of experiment, or that we are all part of a simulation being run by such an alien. But I've yet to meet a god advocated by any religion that makes sense to me.

    • Goat6 years agoReport

      Believing that we're part of an alien experiment is more desperate than believing in God! At least God-believers have the excuse of being brainwashed from a young age.
      Everyone needs to believe in something though - I put my faith in love...hasn't worked out good for me though! :'(

  • 7 years ago

    To "Q & A MAN": Your argument isn't very valid. When a woman has conceived a child, the baby, of course, isn't immediately fully grown. It starts off as a fetus without all of the bodily systems that you would see in a human. Also, even when the child is born, it continues to grow. The child even ends up with more bones than it once had; certain functions of an infant's brain get weaker as they get older too because they end up being obsolete. As we grow, our cells continuously multiply causing us to get greater in size, so the theory that we all started from a single celled organism isn't too far fetched. Not to mention, a lot of microorganisms that cause illness evolve as our medicine gets more advanced. It's all about the organism adapting so that it can be ahead of the game and insure the continuation of the species. EDIT: Another thing that I forgot to mention is that our "design" isn't even flawless. We're susceptible to mutations and illnesses. Also some parts of the body aren't really necessary; there are some things that our bodies can't naturally recover from as well.

    Now to the question: The only part of the 'God concept' that seems reasonable is the "let there be light" thing. Maybe this was possibly the big bang. Maybe this universe was created accidentally by some intelligent beings or some natural occurring phenomenon. Perhaps it'll happen again. The idea of an omnipotent being has simply evolved with mankind over time to explain what couldn't be explained. Even now when we can't explain something we associate it with things that we are already familiar with.

  • 7 years ago

    One part of the concept that seems reasonable is the frailty of human beings . People can conceive of a need to have a God because of their limitations . The picture of God forming humans on earth as a concept tends to error on the notion God made up people , wound them up and put them on earth . The real concept there is far too esoteric for human beings to instantaneously ' get ' . God is capable of creating beings who chose to be how they are !

  • 7 years ago

    Hmm, well, all of it. All the evidence suggests a completely natural formation and adding a god of any type does not provide a a better explanation or solve any problems. Simply, saying a god was involved with how the universe formed is rather like saying that the stars have any appreciable effect on our daily lives.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    God's concept is all reasonable- he is a spirit therefore everything he does is spiritual he is not limited to the limitations of man's thinking, in our minds God is silly- but in our spirit- if you let God in it makes says as the bible says: New International Version (©2011)

    The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

    Source(s): God's inspiration through my spirit
  • Mugen
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    7 years ago

    The part that says any reasonably intelligent person, should be able to understand that one cannot bring order from chaos, without a will and intelligence directing that order. How can a chaotic thing like evolution, which has no will or desire, to create governing laws within the universe do so and on such a grand scale at that! You would talk about the stupidity of Christians, to believe a man made fictional book and yet you fail to notice your own hypocrisy! You do the exact same thing, in trusting evolution as the means that brought everything to its current state. Even the fact that it makes no sense, does little to cause to think beyond what you read from science. You believe that because intelligent men studied and wrote about it, then it has to be true. You assume they're telling the truth of all they know, and not only enough to get you to follow. If the bible was a man made book to gain followers, then I'd say it was a poor one to begin with. That book tells us some pretty harsh things that this God it declares, has had done. It doesn't sugar coat anything, but it speaks without apology. The common sense thing anyone would do, in writing such a book in order to control people with lies, would be to write only feel good things and would make everyone feel nice and easy about how it intructs them. But the bible does the opposite, it speaks of things that would make a lot of people walk away in disbelief and make many uncomfortable and that's what the truth does! It doesn't shy away just because people won't believe. It's honest because it doesn't fear people not believing. It's truth! And that's all truth represents. Evolution makes one feel so comfortable and secure in their lives, that people will believe simply because of that. Doesn't challenge your actions, morals, or thoughts. It can't make you better as a person because it has no will and cannot even attempt to. It's a chaotic process that doesn't exist and if it does, then even an idiot like me, could see that there's no way it has no will or intent behind it. You can't design something without first planning it, you can't plan without thought. Anyone who honestly looks at nature and says there's no God, is seriously lacking basic reasoning, or simply just refuse to. Yeah! Chaos brought all this to be. Keeping thinking you're so smart. Darwin says so, so it has to be true. Science backs it, so how could it be wrong. Yeah, i know what you mean. I found a computer the other day, turns out evolution brought it forward and even programmed the thing. I can do all kinds of things on it, games, write text and even surf the web. Nope! There's no way it was designed by an intelligent man, with and for a purpose. If i really thought like that, then i would think I'm an idiot, but that's just me. Some would think the same of all that exists and say they're smart for it and call the one's who say, "it was all made by an intelligent being", the idiot. You're a bunch of hypocrites! Oh, and I'm not a Christian either, but even an idiot like me know that there has to be a God.

  • 7 years ago

    It's reasonable to let people choose to believe what they want and not give them grief about it.

    Personally, the anomalously of the creation of existence, and what was before that, and what was before that seems like a place where it might come into play. As well as certain unexplainable events or the extremely small probability of certain amazing (or even bad) events that happen may be another place where it comes into play. I don't think about it too much though.

  • 7 years ago

    If it doesn't make any sense that there had to be someone with the intelligence to design life, then explain the alternative. How do you think Intelligent design of life just happened with out a creator. Explain please. Your evidence.

  • 7 years ago

    Evolution cannot explain in DETAIL how these amazing organs came about.

    God as the Master Designer and Creator is the only answer.

    •How did the heart, lungs, stomach, veins, blood, kidneys, etc. develop in the first animal by slow, minute steps and the animal survive while these changes were occurring? For example, did the first animal develop 10 percent of complete veins, then 20 percent, and on up to 100 percent, with veins throughout its entire body and brain? Then how did the heart slowly develop in the animal and get attached to the veins in the right spot? How did the blood enter the system? The blood could not enter before the veins were complete or it would spill out. Where did the blood come from? Did the blood have red corpuscles, white corpuscles, platelets and plasma? At what point in this process of development did the heart start beating?

    •Did the animal develop a partial stomach, then a complete stomach? After the stomach was formed, how did the digestive juices enter the stomach? Where did the hydrochloric acid as part of the digestive juices come from? What about its kidney and bladder? The animal better not eat anything prior to this.

    •How did the animal survive during these changes (and over thousands of years)? Of course, at the same time, the animal’s eyes must be fully developed so it can see its food, and its brain must be fully developed so the animal can control its body to get to the food. Like the heart, brain, veins and stomach, all of the organs and systems in the first animal’s body must be fully functional in the first moments of life.

    Source(s): GENESIS 1:1
  • < I >
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    7 years ago

    Well, no part of the 'God concept' is reasonable per se; with the possible exception of its exploratory conceptual possibility. ... In other words, the fact that the argument itself could be conceptually formulated/extended, independent of its inherent absurdity.

    Then again, the notion of a 'point' carries just as much conceptual/abstract validity [or absurdity, depending on your point of view] as the 'God concept', but with far more applicability in mathematics, and hence 'real life'.



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