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Which country in western Europe has the lowest ethnic/cultural diversity?

I was born and live in England as I have done all my life but I've realised that a lot of this country is now culturally dead or dying because of minorities taking over. I'm now looking into moving to another western European country that's not suffered the same fate (or at least not so much). I've tried looking on the web and stuff but there doesn't seem to be much information on it. I was looking at France but from what I can gather it's not much better than the UK and I'm not comfortable with a socialist government and high taxes as I do earn quite a substantial amount. Does anybody, from their own experience or research, know which kind of countries have retained the most cultural homogeneity?

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    Iceland is the least culturally diverse country in the world which is why it is used for studies of gene pools. But you will be regarded as an ethnic outsider there and taxes are very high.

    My vote would therefore go to Switzerland which refuses to allow browner skinned people in and has an income tax rate of 20%-35% (varies by the Canton), no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax for immediate heirs.

    But be careful what you wish for. The lack of ethnic diversity has its drawbacks. You cannot get anyone to cut your grass or clean your house. The country is deadly dull because of the lack of diversity. Culturally and morally they are very rigid and God help you if you break any of their laws, they will have you out of there in a heartbeat.

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    The % of "white British" people in the UK is as follows:

    Northern Ireland 98.2%

    Scotland 95.5%

    Wales 93.2%

    North East England 93.6%

    South West England 91.8%

    North West England 87.1%

    Yorkshire and The Humber 85.8%

    East of England 85.3%

    East Midlands 85.4%

    South East England 85.2%

    West Midlands 79.2%

    Greater London 44.9%

    So leaving aside London, the remainder of the UK has on average 89% of "white British" people. So your comment about "minorities taking over" is false anyway.

    It is also worth noting that Denmark and Germany has approximately the same % of immigrants as the UK. The idea that the UK has a greater % of immigrants than anywhere else in Europe is, and always has been, a myth. It's just scaremongering by those who are trying to conveniently scapegoat anyone non white/non ethnically British for the problems of the country.

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    is it racial homogeneity you are looking for or cultural homogeneity? Because as per you logic, you will be just as culpable as the Immigrants you claim have desecrated your "Sweet, good old culture". Culture is not race, have no fear standing up for what you believe in, even if you are a racist xenophobe. (well as long as it is not illegal)

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    Bulgaria, Romania, probably Poland.

    worldwide you could try North Korea though you would stick out. As taxation is concerned try United Arab Emirates. No income or capital gain tax. Neither do Quatar, Kuwait or Oman...

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    All you have to do, is look at all the nationalities who come to the UK and call us "racist", and command us to be more tolerant.

    Those are the countries who have the least immigrants, are the most racist, and are the least tolerant!

    Source(s): I just read a lot!
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    People who say Germany are wrong - they're just as multicultural as the UK, if not more so.

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    Liechtenstein. Better start saving.

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    In my opinion Germany ..

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