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Should I get circumcision?

I'm 16 and am wondering wether I should get circumcision. All my friends tease me about it and I have herd a lot of girls say that that is what they prefer.

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  • Deni
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    7 years ago
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    It is a very personal decision. But don't be fooled by the anti-circumcision activists. The reality is:

    "-- Circumcised men say they experience greater sexual pleasure after surgery, a finding that should help overcome unease about the operation."

    "A total of 87.7 per cent said they found it easier to reach an orgasm after being circumcised, and 92.3 per cent said they experienced more sexual pleasure."

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    Hell no, why would you want to cut off parts of your penis and lose sexual pleasure and function for LIFE.

    Tell your friends to stop thinking about your dick, Just because they only have a partial penis, does not mean you would want that.

    You need to do what you want to do. However, make sure you think it through. Young girls only know what they hear and they follow the crowd. Women are more knowledgeable and some of them seek out and want natural guys. Many women have found out that natural sex is better than sex with a cut up penis. Also, a condom is not so fun, but it is better with all of your nerve endings. About 20000 special nerves are cut off with circumcision. I would want the best penis for vaginal sex and that would be a natural penis.

    KNOW what you would get if you cut off parts of your penis. A study in the International Journal of Men’s Health noted that circumcised men have a 4.5 times greater chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction. than natural men. Other studies have previously observed that circumcision’s damage results in worsened erectile functioning, inability to maintain an erection, and reducing the glans sensitivity, including an overall penis sensitivity reduction by 75%. There are other studies as well..

    The knowledge of the this WOUNDING affecting sexual pleasure and function goes back years so there is NO IF as to SEXUAL HARM, it is a matter of HOW BAD IS IT for any particular guy. Maimonides (the Torah scholar) noted that the act that circumcision weakens the faculty of sexual excitement and diminishes the pleasure. Kellogg declared a ‘war on masturbation’ at the end of the 19th century and advocated circumcision to curb male sexual urges by removing the main male pleasure zones. The zones have the only fine touch and stretch sensors.

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    No, circumcision is not necessary. The worst part is that the circumcised penis is incapable of feeling the erogenous feelings that come from foreskin movement, because they don't have one. Then, the penis head gets all dried up because it's not inside the foreskin when not in use, and then it's rubbing all over the underwear, so the penis head gets rough. In every sense the penis becomes less and less sexual through circumcision.

    In fact in many parts of Africa, that's exactly why they circumcise people! They do it to limit the sexual urges of people. They do it to men and women in some African tribes.

    The penis is a complex sexual organ and it needs all of its parts to provide the maximum pleasure that it can provide. Mammals have evolved over millions of years to have the sexual organs that they have and they are designed to give the ultimate in sexual feelings.

    Women moan and get wet down in their genitals, and a natural uncircumcised man can also moan and get wet. You just need to learn to discover your own body.

    Anyway, circumcision is a sad situation and millions of men in America were circumcised when they were babies and they didn't have a choice. They can't possibly imagine what it's like to have a natural penis, so I would just ignore what they say. There's no point in even talking about it with them either, because they don't have a foreskin.

    Just remember to pull back the foreskin and wash the penis once a day. Also wash after ejaculating, because the sperm can be smelly.

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    Teasing won't bother you once you understand why

    the un-circumcised, natural penis is superior:

    See also:

    Survey Results of Women Sexually Experienced with Both

    Circumcised and Uncircumcised Men

    Penis Circumcision Harms Sex for Both

    the Man and his Female Partner


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  • Merlin
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    7 years ago

    Well you'd need parental Consent.

    If these dumb girls like circumcision so much suggest they get themselves done.

    Circumcision is painful

    It takes 6 months to heal

    and it has no advantages whatsoever.

    It was done in prehistory to make sex difficult = a religious sacrifice.

    The foreskin really is there for a reason.

    Maybe your cirked friends are jealous.


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    "All my friends tease me about it" why are they so interested in your penis?

    " I have herd a lot of girls say that that is what they prefer." maybe some do. Most prefer intact. Definitely women who actually have experience with guys tend to prefer intact. Why make yourself a freak by removing the 8 most sensitive parts of the penis to fit in with people who are really abnormal when it comes to penises?

  • 7 years ago

    Don't do it, unless it is medically necessary. When the foreskin is cut off, approximately 95 % of the nerve endings that provide pleasure during sex are removed. Your penis head will dry out and change colors, it will look wrinkled and old. Masturbation and sex will be completely different.

  • Chuck
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    7 years ago

    Robbie, you should not get circumcised unless there is a bonafide medical reason for it.

    Ignore what your friends have to say. Eighty percent of the worlds men are uncircumcised.

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    7 years ago

    I'm circumcised and personally think it is better. I find that women like the look better and you are less likely to get sexually transmitted diseases being circumcised

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