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Is it alright for the city to pay Chief of Police - $139,337 ?

Chief of Police - salary - $139,337

and my city isn't even as big as some cities like New York/ Los Angles.

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    Wow, I don't know where the folks live who say that's too high.

    In the northeast, that is too low for the the chief of any decent sized department.

    I am not sure if you folks know how much people in various jobs earn, but $100K is about average (including overtime) for Homicide detectives in my area. A captain in Camden PD males $130.K. The median salary (plus overtime) for police officers in NJ is $90K

    The average major-city chief salary across the country was $193,692. (as of August 2012)

    Some examples are New York - $201K

    LA - $301K

    Philadelphia - $255K

    Baltimore County - $204K

    Atlanta - $160K (lower salaries in the south)

    Of course, like I said, I guess some of you don't understand what folks actually earn. the fire chief in Syracuse make $101K, the Chicago fire chief earns $202K and an average teacher in PA makes $60K. and PA elementary school principals earn $95K.

    Is it alright? I don't know; depending on how difficult it is to manage the police department in your city, it might be nowhere near enough.

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    Wait! i'm perplexed. shouldn't you be comparing the bus driving force's public union earnings to a private earnings of, say, a retail clerk at Walmart? That way, you at the instant are not comparing public to public, which leaves us no longer understanding which team you hate immediately. and do not forget approximately that once Wednesday, the police chief nonetheless is authorized to good deal at the same time at an identical time as the bus driving force isn't. till, of direction, the bus driving force is actual no longer a public union worker, wherein case, you only gave the misinform each and all of the claims that union workers make plenty better than those in the deepest sector. that's it?

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    What's wrong with that, you don't want to pay your chief of police.

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    Oh, I thought you were paying a bribe. Kind of stiff for a bribe. If the council approves it, it must be alright.

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    Pay rate seems a little high.

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    rate is little high

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