What's a good strategy to wearing cologne/perfume without making the wearer dizzy?

I own a total of 9 colognes, so far. While some don't make me feel nauseous, others do.. (they didn't make me feel nauseous when I tried them on @ the store).

I, normally, do one spray on neck and one on each side of my wrist; a total of three sprays.

Is or are there any other areas that I should try, instead, to not feel sick??

Just to be clear, the two that makes me sick are: "Le Male" by JPG and "Pi" by Givenchy... while others enjoy it, me, as the wearer, feels sick with them...

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    One technique that may help you is to spray the fragrance in front of you and then walk through it. That way you do not get an overpowering amount on your body.

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  • Leanne
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    4 years ago

    first things first, do you REALLY need the foundation? If so, get a color match at MAC or some high end store instead of getting a drugstore foundation that's gonna look pinkish or too orange for your skin tone. Don't overapply. If your skin is relatively good with a couple pimples and some redness, just invest in a good concealer (a pot concealer is usually thicker and allows for more coverage) and then finish off with some powder foundation to set it. Use a liquid highlighter to make your face look dewy and your skin look as natural as possible. For mascara, i reccommend you use waterproof brown-black mascara. Waterproof will prevent smudges AND hold a curl. (it can be a pain to remove but it's worth it) layer on a small coat after curling your lashes, and if you get clumps, use one of those metal lash comb things OR you can clean out an old mascara wand and use it to separate your lashes so they look naturally thick and not spidery or clumpy. ** remember, liquid foundation will rub off and start slipping off your face if you don't set it with powder afterwards. Goodluck :)

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  • 7 years ago

    If its only certain sprays making you feel sick, I would just avoid those. If you want to wear it and not be able to smell it, no one else would be able to smell it either.

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