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grill & barbecue 之分


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    Grill (verb) = to cook food under strong heat (e.g. to fry or toast something on a hot surface)

    grill meat, chicken, bacon, mushroom, onion, sausage, salmon

    Barbecue (verb) = to cook food on a metal frame over a fire or over hot coals on an open fire, usually outdoors.

    barbecue meat, ribs, chicken

    Barbecuing usually takes longer. You may use barbecue sauce.

    Please refer to:


    Grill (noun) = a flat frame of metal bars on which food can be cooked over a fire.

    Barbecue (noun) = a piece of equipment used for cooking food on open fire outdoors

    barbecue sauce (not grill sauce)

    Different meaning:

    Grill (verb) = to ask someone a lot of questions about something

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    Barbecue 不單是 transitive verb, 可作 intransitive verb

    例如: We barbecue often during the summer.

    Grill (noun) - 單獨一個字少有解 “燒烤餐館”

    I went to a grill.

    至少有 I went to a downtown grill (or grill restaurant)

    多數餐館名稱 ~ often used in the names of restaurants

    e.g. Jackie's Bar and Grill..

    Source(s): Longman English Dictionary
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    grillvt.& vi. 燒烤 vt. 拷問,盤問 n. 烤架; 烤肉; 格板; 燒烤餐館 n. 烤肉; 燒烤野餐; (常用於室外的 )金屬烤架vt. (通常在戶外 )在烤架上燒烤

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