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    The beginning Alice In order to track a strange white rabbit, and fell into the rabbit hole, so to encounter all sorts of strange things! Not only by their own tears washed away, all the animals are scared away.

    Encountered RABBIT lizard Bill caterpillar advice at the same time, she also experienced suddenly suddenly small, suddenly long suddenly short. Alice encounters the March Hare, the Hatter and the Dormouse crazy tea reception is being held, Alice and thus become a tea reception guests. Alice leaves the tea gathering into a garden to encounter more poker servant, king and queen, even RABBIT come. An invitation from the Queen to Alice to play croquet with them, but the game soon degenerated into chaos. Later met the hearts warrior charged with stealing the Red Queen pie. Alice to the place of the trial, the jury served by a variety of animals, including lizards Bill RABBIT as a trumpeter. During the trial, she found that the longer the greater the same time, the Mad Hatter and Duchess chef, Mr. Bai Tu was summoned as a witness. Alice is also passed as a witness, when she stood up because the length is too great prostrate jury-box, and finally, the Queen, and Alice in a burst of quarrel, the Queen ordered to cut off the head of Alice, but Alice and not afraid, she thinks they are just playing cards. The whole decks fly overhead, and fell on the body of Alice, Alice was about to shake off these cards, but find yourself waking up in the river. Alice dream told her sister, and then the first left, and sister while thinking about Alice's strange dreams, while trance fell asleep.

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