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各位 英文高手 幫我想一下或提供一些別人的作品,題目: welcome to our school

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    Ladies and gentlemen

    Welcome to our school !Bi g is our school ’name.

    It’s located in Taipei .

    Its transportations certainly are very convenient,

    . during students going to school,. taking bus or MRT,

    . it’s about ten minutes, even if students walk as well.The Big had taken part in 2012 Marathon competition

    . which won The Cash Prize given by Education Deparment

    Our school has been focusing on sports , therefore,. we are now taking place several activities

    . like the sports you interest in,. football, basketball, swimming tennis, and so on.Our school not only emphasizes physical education

    . but also claims the cooperative education

    . with enterprises .

    Cooperative education is astructured method of

    . combining classroom-based education

    . with practical workexperience,. including the courses of Beauty,

    . Touring, Architectural design,. Meat-drinking,etc.We’ll have a cordial welcome all of you with your parents

    . to visit our famous school Thanks a lot .女士先生們歡迎來到我們的學校 !我們學校的名字是Bi g。坐落在臺北。上學時,.乘公車或地鐵約十分鐘,即使學生走也好當然其交通是非常方便。在 2012 年參加了大馬拉松比賽,贏取由教育部門頒給. 現金大獎..我們學校一直致力於體育,因此我們現正舉辦你有興趣的一些體育活動,.足球、 籃球、游泳, 網球,等等。我們的學校不只強調體育教育,但還主張 與企業 建教合作.

    該合作教育是一種基於課堂教育 與實際工作經驗 相結合的結構化的方法.. 包括 有.美容、 旅遊、 建築設計 餐飲 等等 課程.我們熱烈歡迎你們 和你的雙親 一起來參觀 我們的著名學校.

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    Cooperative education is a structured method of

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