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    Semiconductor testing equipment supplierScientech Corp (辛耘)

    saw its shares soar as much as 76percent on its trading debut

    on the Taiwan Stock Exchange yesterday,

    aftertransferring their listing from

    . the Emerging Stock Market board.日昨,臺灣證券交易所 針對半導體封裝測試儀器設備之供應商,

    . 辛耘股份有限公司從掛牌興櫃股票市場,

    . 首次轉為上市股票市場後 ,

    . 公司股價隨即一路攀昇高達 76% Shares in the company, which raisedNT$252.58 million

    (US$8.5 million) in its initial public offering (IPO)

    . on themain board, touched NT$63.5 at one point,

    well above its IPO price of NT$36,

    before easing slightly to close at NT$63.1.Thebenchmark TAIEX closed 0.55 percent lower yesterday. 該公司,在主機板帶動下, 首次公開發行 (IPO) NT$ 2 億 5258萬

    . (美國$ 850 萬), 遠遠高於之前略有寬鬆政策,

    IPO 發行價 NT$ 63.5收盤成交NT$ 63.1臺灣加權指數昨日收盤下跌 0.55%。其股價NT$ 36 Shares of Scientech — which also has waferreclaim equipment, chemical and biotechnology equipment businesses —

    have risen60.44 percent so far this year,

    outperforming the TAIEX,

    . which has increased3.83 percent over the same period,

    . according to the Taiwan Stock Exchange’sdata. 科技類股 — 依臺灣證券交易所資料顯示, 其中也有矽片回收設備、

    化學和生物技術設備等企業之股價 — 已經上漲 60.44%

    . 為今年到目前為止,

    . 比同期增加了3.83% , 表現優於臺灣加權指數。 。Thecompany’s share performance has ridden the waveof

    . a recovery in the global semiconductor industry,

    . which also boosted theshares of local electron beam wafer inspection equipment maker Hermes MicrovisionInc (漢微科)

    2.04 percent to close at NT$750 yesterday,

    replacing handset lensmaker Largan Precision Co (大立光)

    as the highestpriced stock on the local bourse. 該公司的股價表現優於全球半導體行業 ,

    . 也提振了本地電子光束晶圓檢測設備製造商

    . 愛馬仕 Microvision 公司 (漢微科)

    . 其股票推升 2.04% ,

    . 昨天,收盤在 NT$ 750 為股票上市後達到最高股價

    . 並波段漲幅 取代手機鏡頭製造商

    . 大力光電精密有限公司 (大立光) 。 Scientechcounts the world’s leading semiconductor companies

    . as itsclients, with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co

    . (TSMC, 台積電) accounting for 70 percent of its sales last year,

    . the company saidat a pre-IPO conference last month.興電(辛耘) 半導體產值為世界之龍頭, 在上市前表示上月售於,

    . 臺灣半導體製造公司 (TSMC、 台積電) 占去年該公司產值 70%. 過長.....從略

    Source(s): S.H. Chen 系統工程師的居酒屋
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