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Can i fly fish in a river?

hey i want to start fly fishing, but im not sure if ill be able to do it in my river. the river is about 4-5 ft deep in spots maybe deeper and its very fast moving, the water is brown too. would i still be able to fly fish on it. and also i think you can fly fish on lakes too is this true?

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    You can fly fish anywhere there is fish and water. Well you could fish where there is no fish, or even no water, but it wouldn't be much fun.

    The river you talk of sounds ok, something to bear in mind when fishing very swift rivers is that you will need to use very heavy nymphs to get them down in to the strike zone where the fish can see them. The brown water is more of a problem. If it's too murky the fish can't see your flies, which is when you might consider fishing a large streamer pattern. Once again this would need to be heavily weighted to get it down in time. If the river is always very brown then I don't think it's an ideal river for fly fishing, however if it's only discoloured because the river is in flood then you may want to target the sides of the river where the water is usually a little clearer. Fish tend to hang out in these side areas when the river is in flood, firstly to get out of the main flow, but also because as mentioned the water is clearer so they can still feed a little.

    As for fly fishing in a lake, sure you can. The edges are the most productive areas, and weedbeds using damsel flies or suspended buzzers. Bloodworms might be worth a try too.

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    I've fished my WHOLE LIFE. From Florida, where i live to California In rivers. Fly fishing is one of the coolest things to do when you see the huge fish come up and hit your lure like a ton of bricks. When the current is moving very rapidly that is a plus because for one, you cover more water and fish love moving objects that's what triggers them. I'm more of a salt water guy where the big fish are at LOL. But trout, Salmon, bass all kinds of fly or top water fishing is very enjoyable and amusing. On a fly rod, the fish seems to fight like a 20 Lb fish when it's only 5 Lb but that's the fun of it! Hope you have a great time fishing!!!! Goodluck!!

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    Yes you can fly fish in pretty much any place you can fish. Fly fishing is commonly used in fast flowing rivers. You can fly fish in lakes and it is common in the ocean. You fly selection varies the same as lure selection does based on water conditions. I have fly fished in rivers and lakes for a few species. It is a great way to get panfish in lakes.

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    Of course, you can fly fish anwehere there's water and fish. But seriously, I've fished since I was a kid and it's mostly on rivers.

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    You can use fly fishing gear the same places you're able to use a spinning rod. People go fly fishing for marlin and sharks in the ocean...

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