I need help on a Project about the Iran Hostage Crisis and its due soon. Please Help!?

Who was involved in the taking of the hostages?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Iran Hostage Crisis happened because America's embassy staffs were being spied and evidence were against them, carter send a lie suggestion for Iran but Iran rejected that. then in 1980 USA send Delta Force with 5-6 helicopter and one SAS, pased the Iranian border but that stupid Trained Force failed by sands.

    delta force and Bekoy still exist in USA force.

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  • 8 years ago

    first of all it should never have been allowed to happen,the English royal navy captain of the supporting ship should have blown the attacking rib craft out of the water and that would have been that,except he had no bottle and should never have been a captain in the first place,secondly the pilot of the supporting helicopter,should of attacked immediately our vessels were being attacked,his million pound training went out the window as well,the so called Iranian navy were the ones who illegally attacked our naval boats in the first place claiming wrongly that our navy had gone into Iranian national waters,the captain was disciplined over the affair and so should the helicopter pilot although I have not heard what happened to him I hope this helps ok.

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