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Should Canada be worried about global warming?

This is kind of a stupid question, but global warming would be a good thing for Canada would it not? Vancouver would be the new Los Angeles, while Toronto would be the new Miami. And perhaps the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut would finally be inhabited by more than like 100 000 people.


I just think I should note that I am not trying to be ignorant here. I understand the environment is a serious concern and that Canada should not just sit back and let it happen.

Update 2:

Kano: We have since opted out of the Kyoto treaty though, have we not? Nevertheless it took us something like 10 years to opt out. I guess Canada just didn't want to look like the bad guy?

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    Yes, but somewhat less than other countries.

    Canada is likely to have somewhat larger agricultural yields due to warming giving them more frost-free days. But the timber industry is being harmed by pine beetles, and in the far north thawing permafrost is causing buildings, roads, and the like to lose structural stability. And, well, you can't necessarily count on higher agricultural yields, as other effects of global warming (changing rainfall, more insect activity, et cetera) may easily offset the advantages of warmer weather for farming.

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    Most of Canada is supported by very deep permafrost. As the permafrost melts, not only will they release far more methane and CO2 than man's contributions but the land would collapse. It's quite possible for much of Canada to return to the shallow in land sea it once was. Yes, Canada should be concerned because it won't just be warmer weather. Canada opted out of Kyoto because with the pine beetles surviving several warm winters without a die off, 80% of the BC pine forests were killed, the rotting trees are now releasing five times the CO2 produced by all Canadian cars. What was once a credit to Canada under Kyoto became a huge penalty which would have to be made up by reductions in industry, this made the Kyoto agreement impossible for Canada to meet.

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    Canada would have to deal with some coastal flooding, like in Vancouver. It would be warmer there, but maybe a little. Also, Canada can either sit back or capitalize on an ice-free arctic increasing trade there.

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    Well, speaking about Vancouver, there was recently a study done by a rather large architectural company in the city known as Bing Thom Architects.

    During one of the last global meetings on climate change. Harper won at least seven 'fossil awards' for standing against climate change adaption. Recently there has been a group of scientists that were laid off due to the governments anti-science outlook for which they marched in Ottawa.

    And in the last few days a bill was passed stating that the government will only give money for that science that will provide economic output for the country. Canada doesn't care and is lead by an anti-science fool who cares more about his immediate monetary gains rather than future generations.

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    depends on the time frame. Large parts will experience droughts or problems with melting permafrost in the north. Vancouver has some portions close to sea levels, particularly large agricultural areas in the Fraser river delta that will be under water with rising sea levels.

    do you consider populating the north a good thing? Having an ice free Arctic contested by Russia, China and others is not likely good.

    read up on different regions in the link

    Now... lets see Canada becomes a paradise and everybody else is in bad shape, what do you think will happen? food wars, invasion to get the water..... If you think the middle east is in turmoil because of oil, wait until people fight for food and water.

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    NO= We think my Triple output may be the tool that returns All our seasons back to normal naturally, since for the first time after implementation ICE is Accumulating on Earth. A GOOD SIGN. Mike

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    YES! Some areas may benefit from warmer climate, but other areas will degrade. The Negatives may well far outweigh the Positives. Nature took eons to give her bounty to us, so a Fast change can only wreak havoc! -'nomad 13'-

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    No your absolutely right, Canada has the second highest energy use, because of all your heating, plus some more growing days would do wonders for your agriculture.

    I always wondered why the hell you signed the kyoto treaty

  • Since Canada has a lot of snow and ice. Global warming will mean flooding and death so Canada is worried. All countries are worried

    The only Africa is not too worried about Global warming(but they are still worried).

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