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Any 2013 AP World History Essay Predictions?

Just wondering if anyone had some good ideas of what the essays might possibly be. Obviously I know you can't study solely based on someones prediction but I was just wondering. My teacher and I were talking about the good chance of a question comparing revolutions whether it be communist revolutions or independence revolutions. He has also said there is a good chance Persia could be on it because they always ask about Han, Roman and Mauryan/Gupta during the classical period but not Persia. My friend is determined that one of the questions is going to be comparing old colonialism vs. new imperialism haha. Just wondering if you guys had any thoughts?


Just in general like possibly about persia. and to the other idk it's my friend. My teacher said if that were an essay it would likely be in the form of a CCOT and gave you period 1450-1900

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    A question about the modern era (1914-present) hasn't been asked since 2007!! I bet there'll be one about that :)) and I also hope for classical societies (they're so much easier!!).

    Otherwise, I'm almost sure there'll be nothing about the Columbian exchange or colonization. They expect us to know that well+they asked it so many times the years before.

    So... you could be right about communism and persia, but I think comparing communism in china and russia is something too obvious; they expect us to have written essays about it in class (which we did).

    Good luck on your test :D I'm so freaking nervous, my head is going to explode, haha :P

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    Ap World History Essay Questions

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    Well I was wondering the same thing. But do you mean Persia as an essay question? Can you really write that much about Persia? And for imperialism you mean as a an compare and contrast questions?

    Australia and Pacific? Is that even important?

    And yeah I don't think it''l compare Russia and China, that was aLready a past CC question. Possibly CCOT about Persia post WW1, when it became Iran? And I w as thinking the CC question could maybe something like compare the Indian Ocean Trade Network to the Silk Roads? They have't had an essay on IOTN since 2008 and Silk Roads since 2009.

    And it's def not going to be columbian exchange that was last year.

    Maybe imperialism?

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    Yeah I took WHAP last year and it talked definitely more about Unit 1 (the earliest era) around hunter-gather time with some kinda of difficult questions at least 5-10 that's for MC. I know you're talking about Essays though, the DBQ could be pretty random ours was on Cricket in India and how the British had control and stuff like that Lagaan :). We watched that after the AP test its great! :D sorry about random stuff. Anyway our compare contrast was on the columbian exchange 1492-1750 & our CCOT was really broad kinda of specific and confusing trade network changes from 300 C.E. to 1450 C.E.

    I've seen prompts before that give Persia as an option but I remember talking to my fellow classmates myself included people are less likely to choose Persia, of you know information but it kinda of seems like there is a general consensus among the College-board maybe not to ask a question that specific. I would say they are definitely nicer on this test option wise over lang & comp and Physics B. As long as you are fairly confident with your history, you should get at least a 4, last year they said they gave less 5 because of quality and strength of writing because it wasn't "college level" I read this on an analysis site. I've wrote a practice prompt on imperialism in the Classical era. Generally I think that Unit 6 the most modern era is one of the more difficult time periods to give a prompt about, they would give something with information that is workable as long as you address it and read it carefully and know your history you should do fine.

    Source(s): took WHAP (World History AP)
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    I agree with Julia G. DBQ prompt is, honestly, up in the air (I mean, last years was about cricket, who knows what they have in store for us). For the others, I would say 1914 - present is highly likely simply because a question about that time period hasn't been asked for several years, and there is a lot of information to discuss, mainly on the revolutions of the Middle East, China, and Russia. Silk Road and Columbian Exchange are out because they were on last year's. The Princeton Review 2013 Study Book also focuses on changes and continuities of women after each time period. I am thinking that is their way of saying the roles of women is a good possibility. I have seen one post somewhere that was pretty confident that we should know how to compare/contrast two different economic thoughts, know African trade routes, and know about Indian Ocean trade.

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    Hmm. My teacher thinks something close to trade networks, such as Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Constantinople, Sub-Saharan Africa will appear on the CCOT.

    COMP might include India or Latin America. Maybe China, Ottoman Empire especially, and Africa-related perhaps.

    I STRONGLY have a hunch about the Ottoman Empire and Latin America though.

    But then again...it could very much be none of these.

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    While I can't tell for sure, I think that there will be one essay regarding trade in Africa and the sand roads. Just a guess though. Also, the DBQ has been so random recently (cricket and the olympics) that it is impossible to predict. Good luck!

    I'm so nervous...

    Source(s): My AP World History teacher
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    I've noticed that questions about status of women are very uncommon. There could be a CCOT relating to that topic.

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    I think it's going to be something about the pacific people, Australia and Hawaii

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    What would be a change for trans-Saharan trade I know like Islam would be cont.

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