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Liberals in hiding: Where r u? You condemned Bush's Patriot Act with loud voices. Y r u hiding now w/Obama?




continued Patriot Act



ObamaCare mandate

arresting teenagers for metaphorical rap songs

HR 347



and that's just in his first 4 or so yrs. What's next? And why are you so silent? Don't want to appear "wrong" ?

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    ohoh. You should go to Congress' website for who voted for what, then post your question again.

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    Listening in on private telephone conversations without warrant is a clean violation of the Fourth substitute. The wellness Care Reform Act falls under Artcle a million area 8 which ingredients Congress the potential to levy taxes and to regulate Interstate commerce.

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    7 years ago

    The patriot act was and is an excuse to violate your 4th amendment right . It violates the very constitution that was written to protect us from a tyranical government . It opened up the gate for the government to invade our privacy with out a warrant .I am not a liberal by any means . But I understand the illusion of freedom and the reality of freedom .

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    You forgot Obama's biggy, the Executive order he signed September 2012! This gives FEMA the right to take your food stores, your vehicles, Guns, ammunition and put you to work for a rate determined fair by them. Yep all that has to be done is the President has to declare a undetermined emergency. Congress can not react for six months and FEMA and the DOHS have jurisdiction. Talk about taking away rights!

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    7 years ago

    I mean I like freedom of speech and all, but not when you're threatening somebodies life. That teenager deserved to be reprimanded, but he did NOT deserve 20 years.

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