I keep dating boys I want a man?

I'm 18, I dress modestly (skinny jeans, blouses, high heels), I always leave the house looking presentable (with or without makeup, I'm incredibly nice and encouraging, and I'm not attracted to "bad boys" or "macho" "tough" boys.

All the boys that come into my life all start off being incredibly nice to me and then they change into these jerks. They hide every single trait of a douche, player, cheat, liar, etc, etc. They're not over the top or seem to be "too good to be true" they really know what they're doing. Some have dropped me, some made it official by saying "I guess we're official now." in serious tones, and then cheat, or treat me horrible. Like in this case I do go for the "good guys" the "bad boys" are acting like the "good guys."

I've dated boys 2 years younger than me (it's legal where I live), boys the same age as me and boys older than me. (I've dated multiple guys in their 40's all the same.) They've all been the same, I don't have high standards and I'm not dropping my morals for anyone.

My question is where can I find a MAN? I'm not interested in boys who want to use me to show off to their friends, or add me to the list of "chicks" who find them attractive.

Also I don't go to clubs, or frat parties or anything like that. I'm not even interested in people who are obsessed with looks and tend to act like their on MTV all the time. I go to art galleries, charity auctions, car model shows, libraries, a lot of sophisticated places because I've noticed that when I do go to clubs and parties 80% of the boys there want to have a "good time" and the 10% are already taken.

How do I find a man? I've tried building friendships and I've tried just going out it doesn't work. Currently I'm focused on colleges, majors, etc, etc, I'm working, volunteering, I'm living my life. I just want to tell someone special want I did "Today", I'm letting life take the wheel and moving at a slow but steady pace but when a guy does come my way he's usually a boy not a man.


It just sucks because all the guys that come into my life are assholes. I don't know what's wrong with people, why do women do it too? People are so immature and cruel they just play with feelings.

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    There's a saying that before you meet the handsome prince you might have to kiss a lot of frogs. You will eventually find someone who is right for you. Don't give up and keep the moral high ground.

  • 8 years ago

    Don't let the idiots get you down unfortunately as hard as you try love will find you not the other way around so dont fret about it and enjoy life :)

    Source(s): In the same situation but looking for a women (im a man BTW)
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