Poll: Angie Miller getting voted off American Idol is a crime against humanity?

So. We're down to Candice Glover and Kree Harrison.


Let's start with Candice Glover.

Candice Glover is a prime example of how you can be a great *TECHNICAL* singer, yet a complete *BORE* at the same time:

1. Her voice is not unique.

(--Notice, I didn't say range, power or pitch...I'm talking *tone* here.)

2. She has no stage presence--she doesn't move, doesn't play to the audience...she just stands there.

3. She has zero star power: She doesn't have the charisma, the magnetism, or the wow-factor associated with an American Idol.

4. In short, she's not a complete performer.

Yes, of course, she's able to razzle-dazzle with her vocal acrobatics.

But be honest for just a moment. Just look at her and think *Pop Star*.

Angie may not have been as adept at vocal gyrations including the "hoo-hoo"s and "wee-wee"s as Candice, but who cares???????

I thought this was American *Idol*. Not, "American R&B Recording Artist".

(And before you make it about race, I was behind Burnell Taylor 100%. He HAD everything I listed above that Candice lacks.)

Angie was the whole package:

1. Amazing, UNIQUE voice. When you heard her, you knew it was her.

(Candice Glover's vocal tonality could pass for any one of a hundred other one-off R&B artists that have come and gone.)

2. Stage presence: whether she was working the crowd, or playing the piano. Which leads me to...

3. She HAS star power: She HAS the charisma, the magnetism, and the wow-factor associated with an American Idol.

4. Her musical talent with the piano is nothing short of enthralling. When she moves and pounds the keys with passion it's as exciting an instrumental, musical performance as any I've seen from other professionals with years more experience.

5. And yes, she's beautiful; she has the kind of beauty that is becoming an idol pop star. (And before you make it about race again, Rihanna also has the kind of beauty becoming a star. Candice Glover, clearly, doesn't. She could pass for any one of a dozen random girls in line at Dunkin Donuts.)

6. I saved this for last: Her SONGWRITING TALENT.

"You Set Me Free" could easily have debuted at number one. It has nearly FOUR MILLION VIEWS on Youtube. Candice's most watched video has barely two.

In short, Angie Miller is a complete artist. I hope her career doesn't face an uphill climb now by virtue of having not "won" a TV show.

I think the judges swayed public opinion. They lavished praise on Amber Holcomb who clearly didn't deserve it, and they were overly critical of Angie, while giving Candice a free-ride on her lack of charisma and lack of completeness as a live performer.

I think Candice will go up quick due to the hype, then quickly fade from public view, much like Jordin Sparks.

Kree's great, but second to Angie. Hope she wins. At least her voice is also UNIQUE and has a sweetness to it that is endearing. At least she doesn't rely solely on vocal acrobatics.

Agree or Disagree?

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  • 5 years ago

    Hayley Scarnato Now the one women are Lakisha Jordin Melinda ( I knew they might by and large be the last ladies left due to the fact the other ladies simply weren't as good except stephanie) and the boys: Phil Blake Chris Sanjaya I feel the final five might be Blake, Sanjaya, and the three girls because no longer many men and women like phil ( I particularly like him though) and Chris is kinda simply there he doesn't have a giant fan base like Sanjaya and Blake I additionally suppose Blake will likely be within the finale with some of the girls that is my ideas on the finale and othe rthings

  • mimi
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    You claim you aren't racist, but you feel R&B artists can't be American idols? Ever hear of Beyonce?Alicia Keys? Usher? If you feel so strongly about Angie, just buy her album. You don't have to win the show to become a huge success, as we already know.

  • 8 years ago

    1. tl;dr, dude. tl;dr.

    2. Do people STILL watch that? My God. That show went downhill after the original judges left and they started using talentless hacks (excluding Steven Tyler, who is awesome).

    3. It should be a crime against humanity to be so emotionally invested in something so little.

  • 8 years ago


    American Idol is a crime against humanity.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    So there was a question at the end!!!!! Awesome! I thought this was just a long, long, long, long Opinion Article from a newspaper that isn't selling very well.

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