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Is This Clean Energy Plan the Simplest & Most Effective Solution to solving the Green Energy Crisis?

Taken from pages 53-56 of "The Present" book on

We have a gigantic nuclear reactor in the sky; there is no energy shortage.

Why are we spending at least a forth of every dollar we make directly and indirectly on energy, when we can have it for free? Are we stupid or what?

You cannot get too much electricity: There are a never ending amount of things we can do with it to improve our lives. We can make materials that require a lot of electricity to make, like aluminum, for much cheaper. We can use it to make super cold fluids and make super conductivity of electricity widespread. We can use it to separate hydrogen from water and make clean, powerful fuels for vehicles. We can make fresh water from ocean water and solve the world’s fresh water problem. Abundant, free electricity will change everything for the better, and we can have it in the next few years.

Why wait? We use the technology we have now; we do not wait until it is as cheap as oil. That is just a deception to keep us from doing it. As technologies to produce free, clean electricity become cheaper and more efficient, we just replace the older technology with the newer technology or just add it to it.

Doing anything is better than just burning the money up.

We are literally burning up over two billion dollars a day.

That is just the direct costs for heating, lighting and transportation. There are also indirect energy costs we pay when we buy products. We pay for the energy it costs to produce the products, and it is more than the direct costs.

We could build a solar power system in a few years, and then we would save more than a half a trillion dollars a year from then on, so why don’t we do it?

What is wrong with creating millions of new, high paying jobs in the USA?

Yellowstone: We develop Yellowstone geothermal to make all the hydrogen we need. It has the heat and water needed to do it. We could build a system to make rivers of hydrogen to power all engines that now burn gas. The Yellowstone caldera over about a hundred square miles. We could build hundreds of power plants just like coal power plants, but we would not need the coal. We could not only make all the power the US needs, we could be the biggest exporter of hydrogen in the world in a few years. Instead of buying polluting oil from other countries, we could make and sell hydrogen. Wake up people.

If we can tap a source of free, clean energy, we should do it now. We should not wait until the technology is as inexpensive as oil. The sooner we do it, the less money we will be just burning up, and the less we will hurt the environment.

Oil companies will make more money: We need to save our oil for making plastics, medicines, fertilizers and other necessary products that are made from oil. Why use it for energy when we can get that for free from the sun?

We are literally burning the most useful material found on the earth.

Even the rich oil people are going to wake up and realize it would be in their best interest to stop using so much oil for fuel. They are screwing themselves.

[ more on page 54]

What are your thoughts?

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    Clean Energy is, for me, the only way to go if we want this planet to survive and keep holding / maintaining Life in the best possible conditions.

    It is being done, and moving forward worldwide, some countries have been more successful at pushing it through and reach political awareness (Spain, for example) others are still struggling with preliminaries and put off by possible costs, but all in all, it has been persistently growing all around and, what is more important in my opinion, it is steadily expanding, albeit in a very small scale, with the individual efforts of people who have awakened to this urgent need and, tired of endlessly waiting on their government's action, are working on setting themselves "off the grid" and building their own autonomous clean power systems.

    The biggest stumbling blocks that I see on this road are, first and foremost, precisely this issue of a real awareness of what is the ultimate truth of life, which if attained would immediately reveal the urgency and common sense of such a proposal, for everyone's survival as a species in an adapted and harmonious environment.

    I think this is where the hard work should focus primarily, as it would bring a thorough understanding of all the implications of the actual over-consumption of critical resources, not for the distant future, not as something that we can indefinitely ponder while we keep wasting and wasting carelessly as if the matter is not one of our responsibilities, as if it is only something that we just "see on TV".

    It is indeed a serious issue here and now, everywhere on earth. More previsive countries have already taken action but more, much more awareness is needed to break the barrier of greed and selfishness, that "it ain't my business anyway" or "pound-foolish, penny-wise" kind of attitude at the higher levels.

    That greed is the other stumbling block, especially when important, decisive matters are often manipulated at big speculators' whims or latest rumors that make or break uprising energy companies or the industry as a whole, when the timing is right for them to make a quick buck, without any further consideration of the simple fact that anything that affects the future of mankind will indefectibly fall back upon their own shoulders and that, if they keep hitting and running mindlessly all around as predators, it's just a matter of a pretty tight schedule for them to become their own helpless prey.

    Source(s): Observation of rumors and speculators' behaviour in the stock market, and common sense. The book "The Present", written by Michael Smith, and the Insight you have quoted, at the Truth Contest's website.
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    No, that website is very misleading.

    Fossil fuels are solar power stored chemically by photosynthesis over millions of years. What's bad about fossil fuels are that they are hydrocarbons sequestered from the environment for millions of years hence their use upsets the natural balances in our environment.

    Before Fossil fuels, we used solar and wind power directly but us collecting our own solar and wind power could not compare with the reserves of collected solar energy that nature had amassed in fossil reserves. The same is true today, we may be better at collecting solar and wind but it still does not compare with the collection that nature took over millions of years.

    The website is idealistic, misguided and representative of the misinformation common in the public.

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