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are these positive signals?

okay so i am a 23 year old guy, and in February i was on facebook when this super good looking girl shows up on my page. she was from this Christian outreach tour i attended last year, just in a different city than mine.

i quickly realized that she has a whole lot in common with me, more than any girl i've ever met. from personality to dreams to passions, she has it all. she also has many videos/notes on her facebook, so i have a good idea of how her personality is!

we have emailed back and forth ever since about quite a few different topics, nothing crazy deep though.

she volunteers and a Christian mission group full time. and i told her i have been considering attending one of the many bases in America.

a few days ago i asked her if the Christian group she's apart of offers tours. she replied and gave me all the information for HER base when i didn't even specify which base!

a few days later i bought my plane ticket, and am heading out there in 10 days for a 1-day tour. today i told her what day i'm visiting. she replied a few hours later with- "oh neat! what time? i'll have to come by and say hi. where are you staying?"

when i replied she followed up with- "oh nice. so you're only staying for 2 days?", and even, "are you going to be at family night?"

does she seem interested or just being polite? i mean she leads a busy life and has many friends, so i'm kinda surprised... also keep in mind i've never met her in person before, and am flying from california to texas.

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    You know what's not a positive signal, is the fact that you've been asking question after question about this girl for months.

    Each time, you ask us to magically divine her thoughts about you.

    Relationships are all about intimacy and honesty, and you are failing to build either with her. She is still very much a casual acquaintance of yours.

    I have to wonder - is it the Christianity that's holding you back from even putting out a single feeler about whether she has any romantic interest at all?

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    Why could you choose to be interior the focal element era? EDIT: "i recommend somebody whom the others like even whilst they do no longer understand us" and that may no longer desirous to be interior the focal element? so a techniques as this "useful capability" There are too a lot of human beings to paintings with and all and sundry has their diverse personalities. some ought to no longer recieve that "useful capability" too kindly and others ought to no longer even realize it somewhat is there. There are too many diverse personalities in all and sundry and there are certainly situations the place human beings as a mix don't get alongside. So once you are attempting to income choose from a gaggle of random human beings, you're in for an excellent suprise once you detect out that all of them won't respond certainly to you and your team.

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    Yea, it is a sign of things to come for sure.

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