What to use to record daily work tasks?

I am in search of a type of book or notebook to use to keep track of my daily tasks at work. I am a landscaper and need to track things such as time to job site, time at job site, number of workers at job site, what was done. not too many details but I am sick of writing it all down on a blank paper. I feel like there is something out there that can make my life a little easier. Thanks for the help!

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  • John
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    8 years ago
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    I don't know of anything specific that would suit that. Probably that would be a custom job to do it properly. Microsoft Word has lots of templates online - maybe there's something like a calendar there that would do. What I would do is make a spreadsheat, which would essentially be a chart. Along the top put your categories - date, time to job, time at job, employees, etc. Size your cells how you like, make sure it prints the lines (it doesn't have to) so you get boxes, and print off a bunch of copies. Better than blank paper anyway.

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