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Sib-Set of names that end in -on?

My sister and her husband Maddie and Stu are three months pregnant with their forth child in four years! They already have twin boys who are 3 and a half and a son who is 17 months. In my family the boys names all begin with a C or K and the girls are all M's. Maddie and Stu wanted to do something similar with their kids so their names all end in 'on' and they want to continue this tradition with baby number 4.

This is their first daughter and they have already decided the middle names will be Sandra Angela.

My nephews are called Preston John William, Tyson Ian Richard and Declon Arthur Brian but go by PJ, Ty and Dec.

So firstly, what do you think of the boys names?

Secondly which of their name suggestions for the new baby girl?

Reasons for the names...

Preston - They Just Liked. John - Maddie's Dad. William - Maddie's Paternal Grandad.

Tyson - They Just Liked. Ian - Stu's Dad. Richard - Stu's Paternal Grandad.

Declon - They Just Liked. Arthur - Maddie's Maternal Grandad. Brian - Stu's Maternal Grandad.

'Baby' - Not Yet Decided. Sandra - Maddie's Mum. Angela - Maddie's Paternal Gran.

Avalon (PJ, Ty, Dec and Ava)

Cameron (PJ, Ty, Dec and Cam)

Britton (PJ, Ty, Dec and Brit)

Dion (PJ, Ty, Dec and Dee)

Rhiannon (PJ, Ty, Dec and Rhia)

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    Rhiannon is by far my favorite, it is distinctly feminine and won't get mixed up with her brother's names for being too similar. Rhi (Ree) is a cuter nickname, and a bit easier to pronounce.

    Avalon is my second choice, the Mists of Avalon is one of my favorite books of Arthurian legend. I love Ava as a nickname.

    I disagree with others about Dion or Cameron being too masculine, but I just don't like them as much as Rhi or Ava.

    Other -ON names:

    Girls: Addison, Allison, Carnation, Karon, Madison, Marion, Payton, Saffron, Shannon, Sharon

    Boys: Ashton, Brighton, Harrison, Jason, Jefferson, Mason

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    Dionne is usually spelt like that if its for a girl. Dion is a male name where I come from.

    (Dion Dublin vs Dionne Warwick)

    That and Rhiannon are the only two usable names on the list.

    Avalon is terrible and will be said Av-a-lon which isn't attractive at all. Just Ava is miles better.

    Cameron is a boys name and sound silly on a girl. Why not Carmen or a girls name?

    Britton? Seriously? That's not ever worth commenting on.

    Rhiannon is a nice strong Welsh name.

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  • 7 years ago

    I like the names for the boys my niece knows a baby called Lennon which could be a boys name just in case.

    This is quite a hard name thingy an I can only really think of Shannon and Rhiannon.

    Good luck hope that helps

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  • Talia
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    I adore Preston, John, Tyson, Richard, Arthur, and Brian as standalone names. I detest William, Ian and Declon. Personally, I am not fond of the combinations. They lack fluidity.

    Avalon is the best choice above.

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  • 7 years ago

    I love the boys names, Tyson is my favourite.

    Of the girls I really like Avalon.

    Rhiannon is cute too.

    Other ideas:









    ~ Allie

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  • 7 years ago

    The boys named are very handsome although the named are long and don't seem to flow well to me.

    For your girl names I think Britton is kinda cute :) don't really like the others tho

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  • Megan
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    7 years ago

    Uhhhh god major trash!

    Avalon sounds like a skin care brand -.- Cameron is a boys name! Britton? What? As in Great Britain? O..K.. Dion? sounds like a fashion brand. Rhiannon is just teen mum all over

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