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Should I call my boss' wife informing her that he came on to me?

I am currently a trainee lawyer at a law firm and have been working there for a few months. My boss has always acted a little flirty towards me but I assumed that that was just who he is.

However, yesterday, when I made my way into his office simply to pass on some documents, he got up out of his seat and was walking towards me until I was against the wall. He started professing his feelings for me, and kissed me on the neck. He also proceeded to squeeze my butt. I desperately wanted to push him away, possibly slap him, but (and I admit this with shame) feared that this action could result in the loss of my job.

I kindly told him that I was not interested in a relationship at the moment, and that what he was doing was very wrong since he is married with children.

I called in sick to work today.

While I do admit that my boss is an attractive man, I could never engage in a relationship with someone who is already in a relationship. I also never intend to have any sexual relations with a boss as I feel that it will always end up in disaster.

A while ago on our way to a meeting I had to ring his wife on my phone (his phone was out of charge). While I have not made any calls since to his wife, I am seriously considering ringing her and informing her of the incident.

I feel very guilty knowing that she is with a man who is willing to commit adultery. I know that if I was her in this situation I would be most grateful. However, I worked very hard to get into this firm and feel very reluctant to lose my place at the firm.

Please provide advice of what to do in such a sticky situation. Many thanks in advance.

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    Yeah sure. You can break up a marriage and insure you will probably never be hired for a decent job again once word of what you did gets around.

    I had the same thing happen and I quit. That's what you should do.

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