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Since Liberals seem unfazed by Obama Wire tapping the media, Using the IRS to harass his opponents?

and lying about Benghazi. Will the give the Next Republican US President the same prerogatives.

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    No, because liberal are the "good" people and republicans are evil and need to be reined in hard. So Obama only had what was best for the people while republicans are evil.

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    Wait a sec. You mean if Congress gives the Executive immense power to investigate on Americans, it'll use it?

    Benghazi is a witch hunt being devised from a tragedy. It is Republicans looking for political opportunity.

    The AP surveillance is 100% legal because congress passed a law saying it is under our last president.

    The IRS issue, is a localized event in Cincinnati, which occurred and was discovered last year. The operative was released.

    The president had nothing to do with any of this. I find the AP story disturbing, but it is perfectly legal. I find the IRS issue troubling, but it was handled far away from presidential notice.

    Relax. I'm sure you will find another shiny object to distract you soon.

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    I remember many years ago during the Watergate scandal a former Kennedy official when asked about the many ILLEGAL wire taps the JFK administration had, his response was "If one more had prevented his assassination it would have been worth it". Now bluntly I do agree with that sentiment which makes it very difficult to oppose wire taps or make an issue of them. Sadly Conservatives fail to learn and do not tug at the emotional heart strings like liberals do to justify their misdeeds. .

    So as a direct answer to your question, would liberals allow a Republican President free reign over questionable and or illegal activities like they are doing with Obama? NO, not a chance.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You're assuming there will be another Republican POTUS.

    With the control of he message as has been with this generation of media do you really think people will get a message from anyone but the Chosen Candidate ? The Media (fourth branch of government is now the KING MAKER.

    Source(s): See PoBoys comment about hating the population. He bought it.
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  • 1) The Obama Administration AFFIRMED it was doing these things.

    2) ALL of the Democrats' favorite news outlets have reported on them.

    3) Therefore we know all Democrat respondents here will claim you're making it up; that your crazy; that you're an idiot - - instead of actually addressing a fact.

  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    Of course not, if they was a Republican president he would have been Stoned to death. and/or burned at the stake. They should realize that AP is a completely Liberal bias source, so they really aren't kidding when they think Obama is going to far.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The attitude that libs have towards the government right now is worrisome.

    And very telling.

    They are not guided by principles or underlying values. Very simply because they have none.

  • wtinc
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    7 years ago

    You can bet not just look at how they react to the last republican President just say the name they go crazy. Bush, Bush. Bush it kind a fun

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    oh hell no. even as I type they are preparing for every republican candidate contingency by compiling little talking points as to why they are scumbags.

    even if Obama does the same thing.

  • No - and Kennedy and Johnson committed many, many corrupt acts which were ignored, but Nixon's weren't.

    So history has already answered this excellent question.

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