Strategy games like Sid Meiers?

Lately, I love to play strategy games.

I already know the Sid Meiers' game-series, but I want to know whether there are rather similar games to Sid Meiers'?

Games as in where I have to choose a country/nation/tribe and rule them through centuries of commerce, war and peace.

Either on PC or NDS would be great ;)

Thanks in advance!

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    the best such strategy is the total war series. they are a series of games with between 20 and 50 factions, depending on the game, the main campaigns have a large world map from which you can move armies, diplomats, spies, assasins and in the later games merchants, scholars and entertainers.

    you can also manage cities and towns from this map and sort diplomacy and trade.

    gameplay is turn based, each turn can range from 1-6 months in game time and each faction moves in its own turn.

    battles are fought when, in their turn, a faction moves and army onto an enemy army on the campaign map, the battle its self happens on an individual map which is very large and enables the manouvering of troops.

    in the later games the battles are very realistic and gameplay is very good.

    the total war games range from the height of the roman republic (Rome: Total War) to 19th century japan (Shogun 2: Total War). featuring medieval (Medieval 2: Total War) europe and middle east, 18th century europe, america and india (Empire Total War) and Napoleonic Europe (Napoleon: Total War)

    I left the original Medieval and Shogun games off the list because they are very outdated and are nolonger really viable.

    My personal favourite is Rome Total war, its the oldest on the above list and is the most basic toplay. however the graphics arent bad and it is widely hailed as the best for time period and quality of enjoyment. i would rate Empire as second because it is nearly global and presents massive opportunities.

    the creative assembly are soon to relaease Rome 2: Total War and that looks like it will be another amazing game. i recomend you get Rome and one of the newer ones such as shogun 2. this is the best game series for strategy and you will find that out almost immediately

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    Best Sid Meier Game

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    There are actually quite a few. Sid Meiers makes the best, but the category is a very large one, in which there are Fantasy, Historical, Modern and, Sci-Fi worlds They come in real-time, turn-based, and hybrid action.

    For instance, try Tropico, a real-time, modern simulation where you run a single island a dictator.

    Heroes of Might and Magic is a fantasy turn-based system.

    Europa Universalis III is historical and well rated.

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    Try Age of Empires III: Complete Collection

    It's great strategy game similar to Sid Meiers: Civilization series

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    There Are Many Strategy Games like Sid Meiers . There Are Similar Games like Sid Meiers In the Site Provided In The Source Box . I have played many games and the games are way too awesome .

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