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If your crush plays/teases you is it a good thing?

If your crush teases you is it a good thing?


Hello :)

the names colin, im a 16 year old brit livin in america who has fallen head over heels with this girl in my grade :'( I'm a sophomore.

Now idk if she's just being friendly-she's very friendly and outgoing- but i have a gut feeling that something else is goin on :P

WHenever she and I talk she always ends up pretending to do my british accent, alot of people do it but i think its adorable when she does it the most. And whenever she does she always sounds rly bubbly, excited and happy...that can't be bad right? Me and her do get along well and she's rly friendly towards me, again she's very outgoing but still... she's been acting very nice lately but now every time i walk pass her in the hallway, she could be engaged in deep conversation with friends but as soon as she see's me at the edge of her peripheral vision she ignores/forgets about her current conversation and says, "Hi Colin!" once with an added "How are you?" and sometimes again in said fake-british accent... that's not a bad thing is it? All in all, she's saying hi more frequently :P

Here's one conversation a while ago,

Me: what'd dya do this spring break

Her: i went to the beach and well, i ended up breaking my wrist a few days ago

Me: im sorry

Her: what about u?

Me: ah well i actually went to Mexico for a week or so.

Her: *perked up and pretending to do an english accent* oh my god that is so awesome!

Me: i know, the only problem is though im still fairly jet lagged but other than that all is well

Two days ago, i found out she was goin for a school president, im goin for vice president... I was walkin through the school hall and i passed her, she was talkin to her guy friend- but then the split second she saw me she ignored her friend and said:

Her: *lit up and in excited voice* i didnt know you were runnin for vice president!

Me:yeah of course i am. Did you see the poster i put up on the wall?

Her: No, and you didnt give me a sticker either :(

Her: Hang on! *Pulls out sticker and gives to her*

Her: Aww thanks. Do you have one about voting for me?

Me: Yup! *shows sticker on chest*

Her: *smiles and giggles, now close to me, 3 or 4 inches apart* oh you would, wouldn't you.

By now she already knows i like her, she found out recently actually.

Yesterday, she askd me: Who i was votin for for school president to which i replied, "I'm votin for you of course *blushes*" after that she turned her head to the side and went "Awww" & started squealing-the kind of squeal like if a girl see's a kitten.

Then when i was talkin to a friend who was sittin next to her, i noticed she was starin/gazing at me, i ended up gazin in her eyes, she wasnt glaring but she wasnt all like ":D" either. SHe kept on lookin at me in the eyes to which I smiled shyly at her and looked away, blushin like a fool again

She's also most of the time the first person to notice/see/look at me whenever I enter the room out of all the people.

-When it came to the speech i said a joke, well took the mick out of myself, and all the girls in the room including her started laughing... that's not bad right?

--one of her friends was teasing me and asked me stuff like, "Do you love her?" and all that :P

-sometimes tho, especially in the morning when shes in her home room doin h/w problems and her friends are around, she acts not uninterested but busy and in a hurry, when she talks to me then she doesn't act as haappy to see me :'(

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    Course it is bro. It's called flirting. You gotta go along with it. You should also tell her face-to-face that you like her. Then you can discern if she really does like you, don't wuss out sayin I don't want to ruin this great friendship. The friend zone is a terrible place to be. You become a non-sexual/non-romantic object like a brother. Or a lamp.

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    Awe that's so adorable. You have puppy love. She like you. I think you should ask her out everything will work out.

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