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About AI program.(artificial intelligence)?

I just seen many AI character from anime and hollywood movie.

On "sakurasou no pet na kanajo" ryonosuke akasaka create a maid chan program.A mini anime character running around on laptop even inside the phone.

On "robotic;notes" a AI program can be see from android device camera.

And many hollywood movie can speak friendly with human.

Does this everthing exist?

I want know every detail.

And about the program.

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  • 7 years ago
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    AI development is till date in it's early stages, however systems are in development around the world to make all of those possible someday. But if you are willing to widen your horizon, and look for AI a bit less sophisticated than a human brain, then you will find a few good and really exciting examples.

    "Deep Blue" from IBM is a chess playing AI which already surpassed the best chess players of the world back in 1997.

    Newer projects like IBM's Watson, and SOINN are really exciting as well. SOINN is an artificial learning algorithm which mimics how a baby learns from the world around it.

    Then again there are other AI around you, which you probably take for granted, like Google's search algorithm. Even your mobile's intelligent word suggestions are good AI examples.

    If you want to learn more about AI, start with basic algorithms we use in games, like A* pathfinding, Boids, and so on, and slowly move towards "machine learning".

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  • lubeck
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Anime Ai Program

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    So far, there is no AI created that can actually work like human.


    - Able to feel/ be emphatic and make it's decisions be affected by those feelings

    - Learn and Comprehend complex/abstract matter

    - To be self-aware, ie to aware of it's own thoughts and to control them.

    - To have imagination ie, to think, plan, and observe even if there's nothing physical to do

    Those things (and many more) haven't yet been reached.

    It's mainly because humans are made by evolution so the brain itself is specifically designed to have some features like: see, hear, talk, feel..

    Those are pretty much the same to all humans because the brain's design is the same everywhere.

    To make a human-like AI, it has to "evolve" to a human or else it wouldn't be able to , feel fear for example, since we feel fear by nature (instinct) to protect ourselves from predators thus fear to AI wouldn't mean much.

    Though, there has been built AIs (Like: Cleverbot that can do some things like humans, for example, talk.

    Even though it's function is very limited and it's far from actually being alive, it's still a good start to create a perfect AI in the future

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