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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRock and Pop · 7 years ago

Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin ? And Why ?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Don't get me wrong, I love Led Zeppelin, but Pink Floyd is much better. Their ideas are much more original (let's face it, how many times in Led Zeppelin I did they rip off someone else's ideas? They developed their own style later but their first album, from lyrics to riffs, was full of other people's music). Also, Pink Floyd is a lot more advanced and melodic and their songs are a lot deeper. Listen to Animals and then tell me Zeppelin is better. There's almost no competition.

    Looking at the individual members: Granted, Page is a better technical guitarist, but Gilmour's better a melodic style and that makes for a better sound. Plant's voice has a lot of power but it really only has one (iconic) sound, while with Pink Floyd you have a variety of voices provided by Waters, Gilmour, Wright, and Barrett in the early days. Plant has talent, though, and it matches Zeppelin's style, so it really depends on what you dig. Bonham is the better drummer but Mason fits PF's style and they're really much more of a melodic instrument heavy band rather than percussion heavy. Finally, for bass players, JPJ is an extremely talented musician as well as Waters. Again you are confronted by two different styles. Pink Floyd also has the keyboardist Wright, where Zeppelin has no other instruments. This definitely makes a difference in sound (and Wright was brilliant both in songwriting and playing).

    Hopefully the member-by-member analysis showed how difficult it is to compare these two bands. It really comes down to personal preference for some. However, Led Zeppelin is pure power but can't really do anything that's not pure power, aside from Going To California. Everything else is power. Pink Floyd has a variety, ranging from quiet to powerful. They were also much more experimental and creative.

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  • 7 years ago

    I like Pink Floyd's atsmospheric playing style and their concept albums (a concept they popularised) which talk about sophisticated themes such as mental illness.

    Otherwise, Led Zeppelin is my equal 2nd Fave band of all time along with RUSH

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  • Zeppelin is the greatest band in history.

    They did not 'steal most of their music'.

    Like many artists of the time, they were heavily influenced by blues songwriters, who were notorious for using musical ideas or lyric fragments incorporated into their own compositions (how many references to 'crossroads' or 'being born under a bad sign', etc are there in blues songs?) Yes, Zeppelin settled with some artists for uncredited sections of songs on their earliest records- but so have many others. As I say, at the time it was common to simply show your influences- Bob Marley has many melodies and ideas that were directly taken from older songs, but he never gets this accusation. Should Zeppelin be chastised for using The Lord of the Rings as lyrical inspiration too? Every artist stands on the shoulder of what has gone before.

    Zeppelin was incredibly original and creative, as demonstrated in such works as The Song Remains The Same, Kashmir, The Rain Song, Friends, Carouselambra, Over tHe hills and Far Away, Out on The Tiles, Achilles Last Stand, etc etc.

    Floyd was great, but is no match for Zeppelin musically or in writing ability or diversity or as a live band. The power and almost telepathic abilities of Zeppelin were almost beyond belief.

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  • 4 years ago

    exceptionally solid, your self ? AHHH ,No ,do no longer make me %. My 2 popular bands Led Zeppelin IV or The Wall - The Wall ( love zep yet IV has too plenty advertisement fulfillment ) Fave Led Zeppelin Album-Led Zeppelin II Fave pink Floyd Album- The Wall,DSOTM Led Zeppelin,yet its extreamly close

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  • They are basically equal as great artists both of them are highly political bands. They are also both very intelligent bands. I have too much respect for both of them to compare them and Rock-n-Roll wasn't and still isn't about competition or at least it shouldn't be. I'll be the first to say both bands.

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  • David
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Pink Floyd. Their lyrics are much deeper and all their concept albums are just amazing

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