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Is the story of Jesus and Mary copied from the story of Tammuz and Semiramis?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Christians first taught that God adopted Jesus when Jesus was baptized. Mark is the first Gospel and did not report a virgin birth; nether did Matthew at first.

    Joseph was Jesus' biological father.

    After his father's death Jesus was consider head of household under Jewish customs, being the oldest male child of the family.


    Born Wednesday, August 21, 7B.C. Mary 16; Joseph 21.

    Returned from Egypt at 2.5 years old after Herod died 4B.C.

    Entered Manhood - Bar-mizpah 13 years old 21August,7 A.D.

    Age 14.5, Father, Joseph died from fall while building young Herod's Capitol.

    Baptized at noon Monday, January 14, 26A.D.

    Official Ministry started at 33 years old middle of 26 A.D.

    Died at 36.5 years old Friday, 7April30 A.D.

    Re-appeared Sunday, 9April30A.D.

    Jesus(oldest), James, Joseph, Simon, Judas(jude), Amos died at a young age.

    Sisters: Miriam, Matha, and Ruth.

    Mary's sister Salome was mother of James and John zebedee, Jesus' 1st cousins.

    Luke and Paul borrowed Mark and Matthew's Gospels to write Luke and Acts. Neither Luke nor Paul was ever a disciple or an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Luke became a disciple of Paul 17 years after Jesus' crucifixion (Friday, 7April30A.D.). Luke used Acts to introduce Paulism. When the last 5th of Mark was accidentally burned in a fire in Syria, Luke and Paul added this bogus ending to Mark: verses 9-20 and never returned Mark and Matthew's Gospels to their rightful owners. Since Luke and Paul had a hand in rewriting the Gospel, any misinformation can be attributed to them.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Here is what M. Paulkovich says about Tammuz (No Meek Messiah, p. 273) --

    "The god of vegetation Tammuz, who died and is always resurrected with each returning season, is introduced in Ezekiel 8:14. One of the months of the Hebrew calendar (harvest time) is named for Tammuz. Incidentally, Tammuz was born of a virgin mother."

    But other ancient stories are more likely to have been copied by the carpenters of the Christian myths: Siddhartha, Horus, Dionysus, Krishna, Prometheus, and perhaps most, Attis and Mithras.

    Source(s): p. 273 and throughout.
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