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Taking the drug LSD? effects?

I'm a young adult male, in college and consider myself a smart person. I tried marijuana when i was 16 and found out it was nothing like what I heard and was told it was. It was a fun and exciting experience and did not change my motivation, intelligence, emotions etc. However, I know LSD is much more powerful. My friends who have never done it asked me if i wanted to try it. We would do it in a safe environment and were all friends. I'm a little worried and anxious only because I heard it "changes" you. Now marijuana has changed my perspective on the drug itself, but nothing else. I dont want to take LSD and then have it permanently change my personality and emotions. I also want to be in somewhat control when tripping and not pretend like i can fly or whatever. Can someone explain to me their experience and knowledge on LSD, what are the effects while tripping and afterwards? How do you know how much your taking? Also, does it make you forget things from school etc. and make you slightly stupid? Im just very curious and want to know if it is worth taking. I want it to be an experience i can say i enjoyed, but has not permanently changed "who i am"


Also, i tend to get anxious easily when i do something for the first time and dont know what to expect.

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    LSD is a trip drug and if you have a bad trip, my god will you know about it. The thing is, it plays on what your mind is thinking so like you said if you get anxious easily, the drug will know and you may end up having a bad trip. LSD is a long way away from Mary Jane my friend. It can become addictive... or you'll want to go out and find other drugs that can give you the same high (Ecstasy, MDMA, Shrooms...) and that is what takes you down the bad route.

    I smoke marijuana and I'm a pretty chilled out person but I have done those sort of drugs, I had a bad night on them once and it turned me off for good. Luckily I had only been experimenting with them for a month or so, so it wasn't so hard for me to say no when someone offered. That was 4 years ago and I haven't touched any drug other than marijuana since. But if I didn't have that bad night, maybe I'd still be on them today or something even worse.

    My experiance with LSD was a horrid one to be honest. I took a tab, a little thing goes on your tongue. And within about a hour an half I started to see things and my hands would trail as if moving in slow motion. There was loud noises, like bells ringing. I didn't like it at all and the worst thing was I couldn't go to sleep just incase something happened. I would say your not entirely aware of what you are doing when on LSD or what is real and what isn't... It can be dangerous.

    I'm not saying don't do it, because at the end of the day it is an experience - but don't do it if you are anxious about it, your mind can play tricks on you.

    Hope I could be of some help!

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    Stick with more natural things. LSD isn't a good idea, unless you get high quality lab ****, its probably degraded, and can cause some brain bleeding. But mainly it can **** you up emotionally and what not as well. Don't get me wrong, odds are you won't tell a difference first try, but its a bad idea to try at all.

    Try about a gram or PEA with 150mg of Hordenine and 100 mg of caffeine. Then take some shrooms. Drink orange juice. Enjoy my advice, and thank me later.

    It'll give you the body high of LSD with super euphoria and the shrooms will trip you out for visuals. SAFELY

    Smoke a bowl if your feelin a bit crayzaaay. XD.

    Stay safe man. **** the hard stuff.

    Source(s): Just my bit bro. Forgot this part: >Then comedown on LSD... Probably the worst of any drug. Maybe not method, but other than that the comedown is horrid. >You probably would trip out pretty hard first time of you take more than 3 hits of mid grade...
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