Hey US Adolescents, let's play an informative game?


It's called, "Find How Many Sex Offenders Live Near You"

You don't have to post your city or anything.

Just click the link, search your city, zoom in on the map until it accurately portrays your city limits, and in the top right above the map, it will say the number. Put that in your answer.

My city, within about a 3 mile radius, has 48 sex offenders with 12 non-mappable sex offenders.

Fun Tip: Click the squares to see their creepy faces and offenses.


Well, the game part was supposed to be kind of ironic, but it was just a way to inform people about local sex offenders. Get off my back jeezus. D:

Update 2:

A Hopeful Pessimist: Yea, I did this before and found out there was a guy next to a close family friend's house. But, the family friend told us he was actually registered for having like, a 16 year old girlfriend when he was 23. So, at least that wasn't molestation or rape. But, this is a scary game :/

I just clicked one guy and it said "Rape by force and Sexual Battery" Steering clear of that part of my neighborhood D:

Update 3:

Elle: I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child as well. Not something I want to talk about every day. No doubt it is a personal matter. My offender doesn't even get to be on a list. The "game" part of this was not about the actual assault. Just a way to make people aware in a less serious way.

Don't think I don't know how it feels just because I lightened a situation with a more whimsical word.

Update 4:

Elle: You are assuming things again. I don't deal with my past by joking. Again, the "game" was basically an advertisement. To make people aware in a not so serious way. I can be damn serious. This was whimsical. And you try to advocate that you stand up for victims, even though, as you said, you cannot tell by first glance, so you actually penalize people at first... then call it speaking your mind? What you are saying is actually triggering things about my past. As you said I am doing to you.

Because now you are assuming things about a touchy subject for me. I was ****** when I was 10 years old. By someone close to my family. If you think I get by by joking about it, you are dead wrong. Something that this question, rather, the word I chose, did not do to you. I never assumed anything about a victim. I said the word game, and you needed to go on and "speak your mind" in a very defensive and narcissistic way.

Penalize you? For what? Your snarky paragraphs d

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    There's 5 within 3 miles, and one that lives directly in my apartment complex. Scratch that: right in my building. Next door. We've seen him with his wife, they do laundry the same time as us and have tons of cats. And the person he was caught "with", in 2007, was only 12.

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  • Sereid
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    The registry only lists the people who have been caught. Only 1 in 25 cases of sexual abuse are ever reported. That means for every person living near you on the registry, multiply that by 25.

    This list also does not delineate the difference between someone who urinated in public, was a Romeo and Juliet case, streaked, was sexted by a teen, or was framed for downloading child porn which can be a pic of a 17 year old.

    The registry costs tax payers over $600,000,000 per year. Don't click it. It only validates its worthlessness. Sandusky wasn't on the registry. Ariel Castro wasn't on the registry. Did it protect any of their victims?

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  • 7 years ago

    15 Offenders

    0 Non-mappable Offenders

    Before I zoomed in

    1955 Offenders

    204 Non-mappable Offenders

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  • 180 + 87 non mappable-offenders. Wow that's scary.... That's weird though, I never hear about anything bad happening where I live. Damn.

    Wow okay I clicked on all the boxes around my neighborhood, there's a kidnapper, a rapist, and a bunch of people convicted of doing stuff with kids younger than 12/14/16. I feel safe now thanks....

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  • 7 years ago

    I have to say that I don't appreciate you calling this a game. I know it wasn't meant to be harmful, but I'm a survivor of sexual abuse and attempted rape and it's not something to joke around about. I know you weren't trying to insult anyone, but just be careful.

    There are a lot more in my area than I thought, and I live in a very nice town. This was a trigger for me and I should've known better than to look. Now I'll be paranoid wherever I live. They're everywhere. They're unavoidable. And I literally broke down crying seeing that it seems like 9/10 of them were convicted of assault towards a child under 13. Literally made me gag a few times.

    EDIT: It's kind of funny, people saying, "I never hear of it happening by me."

    It's not something they report on the nightly news. It's a really, really personal matter and there's no need for it- it would just scare people. It happens everywhere and it's unavoidable. My case wasn't presented on the news, and it shouldn't have been, and it never, ever will be. Why should it? Why are my neighbors entitled to hear something like that?

    EDIT: I don't mean to be rude or anything, I promise. How was I supposed to know you were a victim? You can't tell by first glance with anyone, which is why I'm so protective about the issue. You never know what could trigger someone, and I guess your choice of "whimsical word" slightly offended me. I think it's only fair that I show my support and protect and stand up for the other girls and guys out there that suffered and feel a little uncomfortable with the word choice, too. I'm not saying the idea behind this question is out of line or anything- actually, I think it's very interesting, and I spent quite a bit of time searching my area. I think it's good to be aware. And maybe being lighthearted and joking around about it is your way of dealing with your past, and that's fine. But don't penalize me because of the way I deal. :)

    Okay, seriously? Now it's just getting silly. Why am I not allowed to express that I was uncomfortable with your wording? I have clearly stated that I know you weren't trying to be offensive, and I respect that you were trying to be "whimsical." But that doesn't mean I change my mind. A step cousin five years older than me started abusing me when I was seven by taking me on a canoe when we were camping, taking my top off and touching me. It ended with him, almost 7 years later, dragging me into his bedroom and pinning me down, attempting to rape me. That was when I was thirteen, only 3 years ago. I'm allowed to be sensitive about this. I'm allowed to have an opinion and express it. I don't particularly feel I was being "snarky" or "narcissistic" by expressing this. You are twisting my words and reading WAY too far into my answers. Please explain how I'm being narcissistic? Or snarky? I just don't see it. I tried very hard not to be. Your finger pointing is ridiculous. I have never once called you a name, just expressed the fact I didn't like your word choice. I think there is a deeper issue if you feel the need to attack me like this.

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  • Julia
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    97&78 were the two numbers that showed up for my area. I live very close to Los angeles, so it's not a surprise yet still very disturbing.

    Exactly why I never leave the house without pepper spray.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    134 with 35 unmapable. Dear lord. That's like 169... O.o omg! I'm so freaked out now.

    Carol stream, Illinois.

    It's funny because its not a very big suburb.

    23 within 3 miles. Omg I walk past one very day to school lol

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  • 7 years ago

    I live in VA. In my city are 10 sex offenders and two non-mappable offenders. Several of them are scarily close to my house. And It says my neighbor is one!!! :O

    I'm shocked as hell. My city is very small.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I'm too lazy to right now, but my mom did this once. One of them lives down the street from us, and before finding out that he was, we thought he was a completely normal guy. He has a wife and two little kids. We were shocked.

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