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How do I adopt a dog?

I want to adopt a puppy. I live in Charlotte, NC (does it matter where I am?) What are the steps I need to take? I know I have to fill out a form and wait for it to be neutered and get its shots, but what else? Help is appreciated. :)

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    Go to the shelter and ask to see adoptable dogs. Someone will show you the dogs that are up for adoption and allow you to interact with dogs you are interested in. They will ask you questions to find out what you're looking for - if you want a particular age, sex, or breed; if you have kids, other dogs, or cats in your house; if you've ever owned a dog before; if your yard is fenced in, etc. - and show you the dogs that match with what you want.

    If there is a dog you want, you can fill out an adoption application, and the shelter will look it over. The applications can be pretty extensive - remember that the shelters are trying to find the best homes to make sure the dogs will not be put back in a shelter. The application will probably be processed within a few days and they will call you to tell you whether or not it's been accepted. Many shelters do not hold dogs, so the dog you originally wanted may not still be at the shelter by the time they get back to you, but if it's not you will be able to look at more dogs and your app will always be on file if you want to come back in a few weeks. Adoption fees can be anywhere from $0 - $400.

    Most shelters also list on so check there too.

    ADD: To what VAL said - do NOT get a puppy from a pet store. They ALL come from puppy mills, no matter what lies the employees tell you.

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    1. Go to the pet store or go to an animal rescue center and give an animal a second chance.

    2. Take a look at the puppies.

    3. Interact with each dog. This means holding and playing with the puppy.

    4.Choose a puppy that is not too excited, scared etc. Choose one that is curious and socialized.

    5. Congratulations! You now have a puppy!

    6. If possible, look to adopt an animal in need of a home. Just take a quiet Sunday and wander around a rescue center, and see if you don't fall in love with a random stray who gives you his best puppy eyes!

    Tips :

    Look at your budget. Make sure you have the money to provide for unexpected vet bills, treatments and food before adopting the pet

    Training your dog can be a great way to bond as well as eliminate bad behaviors.

    Can you fit an hour-long walk into your schedule with the dog every night? It can be a new family activity that will help your dog to adjust and exercise. This also limits tension and chewing habits.

    Warnings :

    Rescue puppies may require a lot more work than a puppy purchased from a responsible breeder. A rescued dog may not be as socialized and might be aggressive or wary of people. Food aggression towards other dogs is likely, and proper intervention may be necessary!

    Don't stare at a dog's face. The dog may bite you.

    Source(s): Wikikikikiki
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  • 4 years ago

    Well if you are considering the fact that a pitbull i'm hoping you might have researched them alot. These are a specific breed (I possess one and love her to loss of life)but the intent mosy become in shelters is when you consider that the owners desire a "mean" dog and have no idea find out how to correctly handle them,in turn they are abandoned,abused or attack anyone. When you have looked into it and wish one i'd suggest Willow on the grounds that she's in foster care right now,you can ask these people how she is in a dwelling atmosphere and it says she's excellent with different animals ect. For the other breeds Barry as a stray has no heritage data and neither does River,so it is rough to say what to assume. Max could also be a good choice on the grounds that the comments. So in all i guess i am saying either Max or Willow..Excellent luck and Congrats!!

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    Just depense

    some you just fill out a paper , some do back ground checks, some do home checks

    most shelters you have to wait a few days for information to be procesed

    most come with every thing

    thank you for adopting and not buying

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    Some places check your home to make sure that it is suitable

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