Ohio State or University of Alabama?

I've been accepted to many schools and I've narrowed it down to these 2. I was told Alabama is still very much so racist and segregated. Is this true? How are Blacks received amongst the student body? Ohio State is very integrated but extremely large. I could use the Pros and Cons of both schools.


This is University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa ROLL TIDE

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    8 years ago
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    Which University of Alabama? Tuscaloosa? Birmingham? Huntsville?

    The state is still a little behind the times, but universities consist of more educated, intelligent people. There are many Black students on all the UA campuses. Tuscaloosa is a small town, and the school is very football oriented. Birmingham is a city, with more to do. Huntsville is where the Space Center is, and there are a lot of scientists there.

    Here's a page of demographics about UA Tuscaloosa. It says 13% of the student population is African American.


  • 8 years ago

    Go to OSU, it's in general just a better school. I'm sure the U. of Alabama isn't as bad as you've heard but that still will exist.

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